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Swallowing issue?! Ears popping all the time?

Hi all.
Recently I have been havin issues with swallowing. Just had my 3rd MRI in one year and there are no new lesions. Doctor says I'm doing ok but I have been suffering with problems in my ears( going to many doctors and they can't find much wrong-having more exams next week) and recently I have been having moments where I am going to swallow my own saliva and it seems I can't?!
Like I forgot but after few seconds I manage to do it. Makes me pains which freaks me out.
Has this happened to anyone?!i feel like I'm going crazy-how can I not simply swallow?
I am fairly new to all this being diagnosed just one year ago...and still not dealing with it that well( coming to terms that this is for life really upsets me to be honest and I feel so scared )
Just wondered if I have no new lesions or any active lesions ,why do I feel this swallowing thing and unbalanced sometimes?!
Any info would be much appreciated!
Thanks for reading
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Welcome to the group. I am fairly new here also.
I do not have a dx. I am in that limbo of where the drs are trying to figure out what is wrong with me. However I have swallowing issues also.

It doesnt happen all the time however it happens. The other night I let a hersheys kiss melt in my mouth all except for a very tiny piece. smaller than the pencil top and it got "stuck" and it took me several times of forcing the swallowing action before it went down.

There are alot of others on this forum that will probably have some answers for you. Just wanted to let you know that you arent the only one hopefully it helps you as it does me to know there are others out there with so many strange symptoms also.

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Swallowing issues is a relatively common issue, speech and swallowing difficulties often coincide, there are various elements at play whilst swallowing and knowing exactly what the specific issue is, knowing what helps and what makes it worse etc all help to give you back control and lower anxiety.  


I have speech issues, my ability to communicate is effected everyday by fatigue, temperature, amount of talking i've done etc and when my speech is  playing up, the mechanics of chewing and swallowing also become more difficult to do.

I do choke 'sometimes' but it's not so much the act of swallowing that's a problem for me, it's more a problem of getting solids chewed enough and then to the back of my throat so that i can swallow, luckily my cough reflex is working and nothings got stuck stuck :D  

Have you noticed difficulty swallowing other things too eg solids, thick or thin liquids, or is it just something you've noticed happening sometimes with your saliva?

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Hi all. Thank you for your replies.
I saw the doctor and he said it's all due to anxiety but I'm not convinced just yet.
It doesn't happen all the time -and it's not while in eating it's just swallowing my own saliva or liquids.
Very strange feeling but if I take a deep breath I seem to be able to then eventually swallow. Maybe anxiety and tiredness has something to do with it
Thanks for your messages it's helpful to know I'm not alone in all of this.
Sorry it took a long time to reply but had a death in the family and it's made things very difficult.
I'm very thankful you took the time to reply to me
All x
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