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Swelling and Itching Eye Lids

Hello, I have had MS diagnosed for the past two years. In the past few months I've been to 2 eye Drs. and a Dermatologist for swelling/itching/puffing eye lids, mostly inside corner and under the eye. Could this be any type of weird symptom caused by the MS? Anyone experienced anything like this? I've tried drops, creams, lotions. I believe it is the MS or a new allergy? Any ideas?
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What did the eye docs say?
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wow   i asummed it was ms-  just been to eye dr-he had to open my eyes wider -he took pics of eyes for this new drug- well used his finger to make eye biger my right eye is always swollen -the lid
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Hi - I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago.  Whenever I start getting an exacerbation of the disease, I wake up with one or both of my eyelids swollen on the insides and then above my eye (the swelling is always more pronounced on the inside). During the worst exacerbation I had, one eye was completely swollen shut.  My neurologist does not believe me that it is related to MS, but I truly believe it is.  I have been tested by an allergist and I have zero allergies.  When all of the MS symptoms I am experiencing at the time of the exacerbation begin to dissipate, the eye issues clear up.  Many times I have a urinary track infection (UTI) with the exacerbations. The UTI's are related to the MS as my bladder does not completely empty due to nerve damage.  I hope this helps you.
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when my whole episode started in may, i had numb, itchy forehead and very swollen upper eyelids---periorbital edema.

i went to an allergist and was negative for everything and didn't respond to any allergy meds.  it lasted about 6 weeks and i still think my eyelids are a bit droopy from it...then the numbness and everything else followed.  

again though, i don't think i've ever heard of this being related to m.s. at all.

good luck figuring it out!!

xo michelle
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I have not heard of  blepharitis (swollen eyelids)  being associated with MS,  As someone already mentioned, allergies (that should respond to an antihistamine or steroid drops) or an infection of the eyelids.  You said you have been to two eye doctors, and my question would be Optometrists or Ophthalmologists?  Ophthalmologists are MDs or DOs that are better equipped in most cases to deal with with infections or disease process that might require treatment with more than eye drops.

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I haven't heard of your specific symptoms with exception of the dry eye part.  I use eye drops that help with my blurry and 'tired' eyes.  It's not a permanent fix but helps a bit

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Hi.  I'm no doc, but sounds like allergies.  Have you tried an antihistimene?   I know my eyes get itchy due to allergies - it comes and goes and never amounts to anything.  Just annoying. And I'm not dx with any allergies - i just know I have seasonal due to the way my body acts.
Good luck .
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