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Symptoms getting worse still haven’t seen Dr- please help! ms

I am trying my best to stay off of here and post before my second dr. visit, but my symptoms seem to be worsening and I’m increasingly worried/freaking out. I’ve been able to manage my anxiety until tonight. I suddenly developed a bunch of nuero symptoms over the past three months. It started with waking up with numb lips for 20 min, that webt away. June i developed a mouth twitch which is a pulsating twitch many times a day that I sill have now in AUG. That spread to body wide twitching all over my body, each limb both sides ..this won’t go away!!!  I have some crawling sensations on my face - mainly one spot on my forehead as well as buzzing in my left heel of my foot. Now as of today, both arms felt very weak. It felt as if i worked out when i did not, started w left arm ten right in the same day. I also have a tremor in my hand when i bend my wrist. This seems to be more left sided. i get headaches and also had vertigo that seemed to resolved.

also i can still perform tasks- i havent lost strength but i feel weak if that makes sense. i just have soreness in predominantly my left arm that comes and goes, spreading to my right bicep as well. i dont know what to do. im terrified of my dr appointment and cant relax because these symptoms won’t go away. couls this be from becoming vegetarian? i have been for about a year now and i dont eat quite enough. i know iv asked these questions on here before and i apologize flr
that but im currently up and 4 am panicking because i woke up from twitches!

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Waking up from twitching could simply be sleep starts otherwise called nocturnal hypnagogic jerks, night starts, sleep jerks, sleep myoclonus and if you consider your highly anxious state of late and the research that suggests that sleep deprivation, stress or anxiety can increase the chances of twitching in your sleep, you really need to focus on deescalating your anxiety level!

I know your very worried about your dr's appointment but you need to focus on calming your self down when your panicking and remember what your oncologist already told you.....please keep in mind with your preexisting medical history 'IF' this isn't your health anxiety knocking you about after what recently happened in your family, this is highly likely in part going to be the residual effects of the cancer treatments you've had, which are known to cause involuntary muscle movements, sensory and other nerve related issues etc etc and your health anxiety is making you read more into whats going on and has you jumping to worst case situations.....


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Thanks for responding, :( I am trying so hard to relax my bf is trying to help too. i was doing great then my heel tingle is getting worse, it keeps coming and going. its not numb. and my muscles are sore in random spots. im praying its just from my chemo but the whole thing is just bothering/depressing me. trying to breath!
You can and you must find your calm, keep trying!!

Fight your anxiety because it's making you think the worst without a good enough reason, your headspace is spinning and bringing you down, depression and or anxiety will make any one feel a million times worse....call a therapist, call a help line, call a friend, call anyone you know who will distract you and
help you find a calmer headspace!  

Keep breathing.....JJ
I’ve calmed down a bit :( Finally went to my appointment - He is sending me for bloodwork for my thyroid, b12, calcium magnesium ect. He said 99 percent of the time these things are anxiety, then also tested my strength and asked about vision and balance issues ect. He didn’t have much to say about MS only that there is a lot of other things to look for first. IF my levels come back normal idk what would be next.
When a mental health causation like 'anxiety' is high on your potential causes list, it's typical to get a mental health assessment so a M/H causation can be ruled out (or in) just like any other potential medical condition as part of the diagnostic process. It's in anyone's best interest to get a mental health assessment if or when a neuro is already mentioning mental health causation at the first appointment...

Keep in mind that with your mental health and cancer history what your dealing with is very unlikely to do with a neurological condition like MS, general blood tests will rule out or in most obvious causes and if they're all normal, your neuro may consider running more specific neurological related tests eg brain and spinal MRI's, various nerve conductor tests etc

In general it's estimated that only around a third of neuro consults turn out to be neurological related, a third mental health related and a third are all the other medical conditions that also mimic neurological symptoms....your neuro is likely telling you that what you have described experiencing is 99% of the time mental health related.

Thank you :) Well he’s actually an internist i haven’t yet seen a nuero. I’m just finding it so hard to believe that twitching ect is anxiety but I guess the more i think about it it is believable. My bloodwork was all in range besides a slightly elevated thyroid. He doesnt seem concerned but is having me back on the 17th. I also found a new therapist so we’ll see how that goes. I’m just not sure what to do about more testing, if i should drop it, i feel like i am so worried about MS its consuming me not having answers.
It may be harder for you to believe and accept anxiety can and does cause physically symptoms simply because that is exactly what happen's with the health anxiety types of mental health issues...

I would highly recommend you take a proactive step back and focus on what you absolutely know to be true before you consider getting any unrelated tests done....you have a history of struggling with health anxiety which you acknowledge started before and has continued after your cancer battle, so regardless of anything else it is definitely in your current (and future) best interest to focus your attention on understand and pursuing mental health support and treatment options because in this moment in time your health anxiety is seriously effecting your life!

Focus on getting your mental health situation under control before anything else because only then will you be able to make clear and informed choices and not choices driven by your health anxiety......JJ
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