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Symptoms never hungry and never thirsty

Q?  Do any of you have these symptoms?
I never feel hunger and I never feel thirst, do any of you have these symptoms?
(I also have constant nausea, my taste-buds are shot, and when I do eat I never feel full)
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No, not me, just the opposite with hunger.  I have a huge appetite on amitriptyline, so I've lowered the dose which has helped a bit.  It also give me a dry mouth, so while I don't feel excessive thirst, I try to take a lot of fluids to combat the dry mouth.

I believe sense of taste can be affected by MS, though could also be a side effect of meds, as could the nausea.
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Thirsty part - majorly, I have to constantly remind myself to drink or I become very dehydrated. I do have the problem that when I eat I never feel full, so I try to force myself to eat small meals throughout the day. Usually during the evening at dinner time I am not really hungry but I eat enough so that I don't get those midnight munchies :)
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When I say, I'm never hungry or thirsty, that doesn't me I don't crave food or drink.

I may not be hungry, but steak or chicken or fish, etc. may sound good.
I may not be thirsty, but a glass of chocolate milk or a cappuccino, may sound good

I, myself, am not a big fan of drinking water.
When I worked, I would force myself daily to drink 64 oz. of water.  Usually all at once within 20-30 minutes, then about 30 minutes after that I would have to venture to the Men's room.

Since I'm never thirsty, I seem to only drink what sounds good (to taste), not what is good for me, like water.

Food, is the same way, I'm never hungry, so I tend to want to eat things that sound good (to taste), not necessarily what is good for me.

Unfortunately, I do most of my "munching" after dinner (10-Midnight or later).

[I just started watching my caloric intake, so hopefully this will help]

If I posted notes for all the things to remember, etc. I would have post-it notes for wallpaper, huh.

[Note: The severe nausea I have had since my accident back in July, so it's not medicine related.]

The odd thing is my taste-buds changed but also my sense of smell.
My sense of smell has actually increased, but my sense of taste has decreased.
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I went through a period where I had no appetite and never got hungry. I had forgot what it was like to be hungry. Ended up weighing 100lbs. I forced myself to drink Ensure just so I was getting some nutrients.And the only way I knew I needed to drink was when my lips would get chapped. Then I knew I was dehydrated and should get to drinking something.

I'm pretty sure it was from the vertigo I was going through. I was throwing up all the time and gagging with just the thought of food. Nothing even sounded good.

I got my appetite back but only for stuff that sounded good. Anything else and I was like naaw, I'll pass.

Now I got my hunger back. My belly growls and I get those hunger pangs and I'll eat anything.  
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I dont think i was born with the hunger senses, i eat because its good for me but i can go for days and days without eating and still do not have any sensation telling me i need to eat. I just never have, i've always eaten slowly, stories go back to when i would sit in my high chair for half the day just trying to eat what was on the plate, i'm still the same though not as bad lol! That reminds me i've not eaten yet and its almost 3pm here, so must eat something.

I was the same with drinking but that changed when i had my toncils out at 29, since then i have a constant feeling of a dry throat, if i'm not sucking lollies i'm drinking something all day long.

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Previously, I dropped ( so slowly I didn't notice a problem for quite a while) from 185 lbs. to 138 lbs. I force fed myself for a while until I was over 170.

More recently, I have had drops and then worked on feeding myself more a few times in the past couple of years. As of today, I'm down to 147 lbs. Thus I will be changing my diet yet again.
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I noticed this happened to me while still pregnant.  I got diagnosed with MS the same week I found out I was pregnant with our fifth child.  At around 8 months I stopped having the sensation of hunger or fullness.  Thought it would just come back, but it hasn't yet and my daughter is not 14 months old.
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