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Theme Parks

Ok after Christmas I am going to be visiting the Orlando theme parks along with a cruise to catch up with my daughter who works on the Magic.

I am in a dilema. I can't walk very far, but I can walk and I don't use a walking stick as I also have problems with my hands & arms. I know I could hire a mobility scooter at the parks which would make life, oh so much easier. But first I have to get over the pride thing, and secondly quite a bit of guilt, you see in the past I have looked at the sea of Scooters running over my feet and thought that many people really did not need them as they looked perfectly health, now I would be in that catagory. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Perhaps this is my pay back!

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Twist -

That's what I did! It was either "Damn boat" or "Damn alcohol"! "Did you feel that wave?"

Good luck and enjoy!
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Thanks you every one on all the great advice, I feel a bit more relaxed about it all now.

cuttersmom: I sort of thought I could blame by balance and co ordination problems on the Cruise Ship and look fairly normal.

Only a few days to go and I will report back when we return.
Thanks again
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When I visited Orlando Disney World, we opted for a wheelchair instead of a scooter. I saw so many of the scooters around too and several that ran out of battery power.  The crowds don't make it any fun to maneuver through either.  So, a wheelchair might me an option and a cheaper option at that.  

We all have to get over the stigma of looking healthy while we use mobilitiy aides.  I don't like missing out on stuff any more and that came after being embarrassed about using scooters or wheelchairs.  They saved my energy to do the things I wanted to do.  

I hope you have a good time and remember to find the path of least resistence - keep it easy.  


P.S. you might want toget the express pass too so you don't have to wait in the long lines.  It's worth it.
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Here's my 2 cents...I completely agree with you on the "looking normal" people using a scooter, but we took our son to a park this summer and I did not get one. I was struggling with the walking about halfway through, and worse was when I had to go to the bathroom and had to figure out how to walk all the way there without peeing my pants along the way! Get the scooter.

On the upside, you won't have to wait in the ridiculous lines and will be able to fly through the park in half the time!!

Side note on the cruise...I did a cruise in Sept. (yes, it was a much smaller ship than the Magic) but my balance issues were MAGNIFIED on the ship. So if you have issues with your balance, just be prepared that you may do a lot of bumping into walls.

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British Airways has been great.  I travel with them a couple of times a year.  They have upgraded me to business class at no cost a few times (more leg room and foot rests.)  Going East, I tend to take Baclofen and Valium when before the meal and usually wake up about an hour from landing in the UK.

UK Customs and Immigration is more accommodating than the US folks. It is best to get the airlines to arrange a wheelchair or cart service for you.  

Hope that helps.

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Listen to LuLu and the others.  Life is difficult enough for you without a disability.  Take advantage of what little is offered to lighten the burden when you have the opportunity.  

Do you know how many healthy people wish they had wheels toward the end of the day at theme parks?!!  Look at it as a chance to wear unsensible shoes if nothing else.  

Enjoy yourself!  Make wonderful memories and get lots of pics (even of your "limo") until your next adventure.
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Do you know that you can ask for accomodations on the airplane flight?  Call the airlines and ask for their disability specialist - then request airport assistance and special seating on the plane.  You and your companion can request bulkhead seating which gives more leg room - something that helps to make this trip easier to handle.  Don't hesitate to ask for it - you have a disability that the laws here that govern our airlines must work with to accomodate you.  

Call today - don't wait to get this request and seat assignment done.

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Thanks everyone. I know what I should do so I've got to eat humble pie and get on with it so we can all enjoy the holiday.

I love visiting the US the people we meet are so friendly just like on this forum! and that is one of the reasons my daughter loves working over there.

The plane journey will be a nightmare I know but well worth it.

I've booked on site hotels so if needs be I can go back and lay down mid afternoon and of course the cruise should not be a problem.
Thank you all for your best wishes,

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I completely felt the same way! (Like, "seriously, that lady looks fine!") Oh, how times have changed.... I have to use a scooter when we go to the grocery or Christmas shopping. The first few times, I thought, everyone is going to think I'm lazy. I'M NOT LAZY!

Over the past month or so, I realized if I'm going to *enjoy* outings, it is going to be with a walker, wheelchair or scooter. At least for now.

I honestly am at the point where I do not care what "those" people think any more. What is most important, is the things and activites I still get to do! I don't have to miss my children's games or have someone do my Christmas shopping! I could choose not to use the scooter/wheelchair, but at what cost? If I try to tough it out and walk, it will put me in bed for days, sometimes even a week. It is SO not worth it!

Have a wonderful holiday and fun vacation!
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I know about pride took me months to ask for help and get a handicap sticker - I do not look handicapped - and didn't want the "looks"  but it will be worth it you can keep up with the kids and concentrate on having fun not on resting and getting worn out !

Have a fabulous holiday!!

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What great fun to look forward to after the hub-bub of Christmas and new years. And the weather will be much better than my foray to the Mouse's house in July - that was downright stupid to think I could manage the heat and enjoy the day.

Alex is so right - you have choices to make.  Do you keep in the game with your life or do you choose the sidelines?

Those scooters are everywhere at the parks.  You can rent them at the park or contract with local suppliers who will bring them to your hotel or the amusement park itself.  Please use one or the other so you can really enjoy the time rather than worry about finding the next place to stop and rest.

Reassessing our own biases about people in handicapped parking spots and using thos electric carts and scooters seems to be common with this disease because so many of us also look so good.  

Be sure to send us a digital postcard, ok?

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Hi Twist,
Life sure seems to have a funny way of biting us in the backside at times doesn't it. Yes, I certainly used to be quite cold towards the people who were less able bodied than me.

But, then one day I was put in the terrifying position of either sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself or using a four wheel walker to go to church or the park and get on with my life. Fortunately, I chose the later. MS is a humbling experience I find. It sounds like it is teaching you, just as it has taught me, about our imperfections.

This will be hard but take the scooter, enjoy the ride, and rejoice at your new perspective. I think you will be surprised at the overall generosity and care displayed by most people.
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