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Tingling and Itching

I'm having tingling in my feet and legs again, and both my feet feel tingly/itchy just under the bridge of each foot. Both calves are tingling too, but not as much.  My scalp is itching and my eye feels itchy too.  The itching/tingling seems to settle if I walk about or sit very still and try to ignore it.

I don't think I'm having a panic attack because my pulse is quite normal.  

I'm undiagnosed, but very concerned about MS as I've been getting tingling in legs for 6 months.

Does anybody else get this combination of symptoms?
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Hi John,  

Itchiness, numbness and tingling occur in MS, I think alot of us have some combination of those things.  Your symptoms sound similar to some of us here.  

Your symptoms could be alot of other things too.  Have you read the health pages here?  There is a long list of differentials for MS.  I would suggest keeping a log of your symptoms each day and working on a  timeline of your illness.  This will help when you go to see the doctor.  

If it is MS, it could be a long road before diagnosis.  

Hang in there

MS means?
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Numbness and tingling are paresthesias.  Itching is related to burning and if it is caused peripherally it originates is short fiber nerves.  Itching a burning are typically characterized as
dysesthesias (or unpleasant sensations.)   If this was in both calves and feet, a common cause would be a damaged disk in the lumbar spine.  If the if your scalp and eye issues are related, the issue would have to be much higher in the nervous system.    You should discuss this with your Primary Care Provider.  A Neurology consult might be in order.

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I've had two MRI's, one of the brain, and one of Cervical and Thoracic.  Both were clear.  I've also had two Nerve Conduction tests.  Both didn't find anything wrong.  My Neuro has discharged me, saying he didn't think it was MS.  That was a month ago.  Since then my symptoms seem to be getting worse.  It's mainly parasthesia in feet and legs.  For the past few days I've noticed I have problems with my right foot feeling stiff when I walk.

I was wondering if the itching may be anxiety related to worry about my other symptoms.  I know my symptoms in my feet and legs are neurological, but I seem to get headaches and itching and several other small issues that flare up and often just go away on their own.  My mind is rarely off the subject of my symptoms these days.

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OK.  Clear MRIs are a god thing,  Two negative EMG/NCS means that there is nothing wrong with the major wiring (nerves) to your legs.  As I said before, if the numbness and tingling were just in both your legs, I'd look at you lumbar spine.  So maybe an MRI of the lumbar spine to rule out (R/O) a disk or cord impingement issue.  Itching of the head and eyes is pretty non-specific.  Does it happen at the same time as your feet itch?  There is also the "treat the symptom" approach.  If your take a Benadryl and or put some 1% cortisone cream on your feet and the itching stops, it is not Neuropathic pain.  It comes down to: If you can do something external that makes it better, it is not Neuropathic Pain.  
If nothing external can effect a change in the symptoms, then you have to talk to the neurologist. Other things like a small fiber punch biopsy or a Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP) may provide additional information.  

I'd be more concerned if the tingling or itching increased in hot weather or in a hot shower.  I know that the burning itch I have is not relieved by hot, cold, scratching, rubbing, cortisone, antihistamines, etc.  

Maybe Quix has some other ideas. Not sure if any of this helps.

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my mother has been diagnosed with Ms about 6 years ago, I have been experiencing some of the same symptoms she started having when she was diagnosed. I am afraid to go to the dr. I keep thinking that maybe it is all in my head. My feet have been hurting so bad. they feel like nails are shooting up through them. Also my breasts started itching so bad that I jokingly said I was going to cut them off but it isnt funny any more also I have been having these spacing out spells were I dont recall what has been going on for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. should i just have the dr test me or am i going crazy?
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I have had tingling on one side of my scalp--it felt like I had bugs in my hair.  I even had my husband look really closely in my hair to see if there was lice--none.  I had this sensation for years on and off.  

Just about a month ago, I got this itchy thing on the bottom of my foot.  I don't know if it was MS or not.  I don't even know if it was a fungal problem.  I think it was MS because I saw no redness, irritation, dryness, etc. to indicate that it was something external.  

As far as the tingling and numbness in legs and feet--I have had this for years.  This was my first MS symptom.  However, it started in one leg.  Later on, I got it on the left side, but it still is not nearly as bad as on the right.  They don't itch, though.  My right leg often feels like it is asleep.  

Early on, there was time that I had a very odd sensation--like I stepped into a black hole or something.  I had other times likes this, and it's hard to describe.  It's like your leg isn't there.  Often times, I will wake up and cannot move my right arm.  I have to use my left arm to move it.  During the day, I have many episodes of it "falling asleep".  

I hope my descriptions help, but not everyone with MS describes their symptoms like this.  If you've had testing, you probably have seen a neurologist.  Have they done a lot of blood testing to rule out other causes?  

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First, I want to welcome to the forum.  I hope you find this forum as wonderful as I do!  

I also hope that you will post you're own thread by clicking on the green button "Post Question".  It wouldn't be fair to JohnB or you to respond to your comments on this thread.  Not everyone will see your post, here, and that would be a shame.  By copying and pasting into a new thread, your post will get the attention it deserves.  

:)  Deb
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Thanks COBOB.

You response was very helpful.  The tingling isn't aggravated by hot weather or hot showers.  I spent 2 weeks in Disney World (Florida) in August, and was worried the heat might make it worse, but it didn't affect it at all.  I've tried normal foot cream which did seem to work a little, or it may have just been a coincidence.  I also find stretching has some effect.  Sometimes the stretching makes it better and other times it has little or no effect.  

The head itching may be completely unrelated.  I'm just very stressed about my health at the moment that it could simply be anxiety.  Before I experience these MS like symptoms, I would just ignore most things, but these days every headache, twitch, itch or ache etc., I'm scared it may be another symptom taking me closer towards a life with MS.

I had a great weekend with very few symptoms and even managed to hike/run up a ski hill with my son.  I felt better than I have in a long time.  But at the same time, it reminded me of what I would lose if I were to have MS.

I'm going to speak to the Dr. about a lumbar/sacrum MRI.  I'm surprised this was never ordered before.  Unless they don't believe there wouldn't be any benefit.  Personally I think it would be worth it for no other reason than to rule out a problem in this area.  But then I'm not a Dr.

Thanks again

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If you're checking for MS, remember that there is no spinal cord in the lumbar - it's the bundle of nerves that run from the bottom of the spinal cord.
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That would explain why my Dr. and Neurologist didn't see any value in ordering an MRI of the region.  So I guess that If I'm having bilateral tingling in both feet, it's unlikely this would be caused by a problem in the lumbar?

I suppose problems in the lumbar would more likely cause symptoms to one side only.
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I have experienced extreme itchiness on the top of my left hand.. i scratched so hard that I opened up skin and my skin looked leathery. It took three years before it cleared up. I still have the itchiness when i am stressed or my hand is hot or in hot water.

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If heating the hand causes it, I'd look to a peripheral cause.  If your hand itches on a very hot day, when you have a fever, exercise, or in a hot shower/bath (when your core body temp goes up) then I'd look to a CNS cause (Uhthoff's phenomenon.)  If you heat a hand or foot and it itches, that could be associated with small fiber peripheral neuropathy (relatively common) or erythromelalgia (very rare.)

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You are a very smart man!!! I am glad to chat with you from time to time regarding my numerous issues. LOL I can honestly say I do not know what kind of " heating" I am getting,, all I know is heat itself, whether it be hot water from dishes, or shower, or being overheated in general and nerves acting up, I begin to itch like crazy!! This itching began during my most stressful time of my life and hasn't stopped, but like I said it acts up as soon as it is hot!!!

To John,
I totally understand what you are feeling in regards to worrying that an itch or tingle could relate to ms, because the majority of msers experience this daily. I am still in limboland but I can say that if you feel it, there is no better place to ask about it but here. Good luck to you.
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>  So I guess that If I'm having bilateral tingling in both feet, it's unlikely this would be caused by a problem in the lumbar?

Bilateral tingling could certainly be caused by a problem with the lumbar.
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If a lumbar disk herniates posteriorly, bilateral effects are pretty common.  Left or right herniates typically effect the legs on the same side as the herniation.  Anterior lumbar herniations are pretty rare do to the lordosis (curve) of the spine.  The lordosis predisposes the lumbar region to posterior disk damage

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I have flare up on palm of my hands and extreme etch also on bottom of my feet same time. It comes at evening  and last about 1 hour. Not every day but when it come I just lay down don't move and wait until is over. It is new thing and my doctor said he never hear something like that.
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my baby too is experiencing same situation kindly asist if you got the answer
sekunda - a baby is highly unlikely to be experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a neurological conditon that affects the central nervous system, i would suggest you contact your family GP or Paediatrician....JJ
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