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Tingling sensation?

Hi! Alright, so I had no idea where to post this question so I guess I'll start here. First, for a bit of history about myself. I turned 17 years old a few months ago, and go to school at a community college 16 hours this semester while working a full time job with quite a bit of heavy lifting (I'm biologically a female, but have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, by the way). Back in December of 2014 I was hit by a truck while long boarding. I was going about 5 mph and the truck hit me on the left side at around 20-25 mph. I never filed a police report or went to the ER, so I have no documentation of the incident, just a few witnesses. I basically just stood up slightly off balanced and looked for my shoes and backpack that were knocked off! I also spent 4 months in a residential treatment center for suicidal ideation after being taken off of depression medication cold turkey by my step mother for the second time. During my time there (don't worry, I'm back on track now and happier than ever!) they discussed the possibility of a minor traumatic brain injury from an untreated concussion after running a few tests. I also had an EEG done to eliminate the possibility of seizures during periodic moments of blacking out but appearing to everyone else fully function but somewhat off. I never got the results personally, so I assume I would have been told if something was wrong. Thankfully the blackouts went away. Also during my stay there I got in somewhat of a tussle with one of the big officers that wanted to escort me someplace. I was going through a horrible med change and everything seemed like a sick sort of game to me at the time. Well, we both ended up rolling down a very steep rocky hill with him ending up on top of me putting me in a hold to where I thought my arm was dislocated (it wasn't, I was just very panicked) and had difficulty breathing while the charge nurse of the entire facility sat there (he was kind of sore at me for knocking his glasses off of his face). Afterwards I went into shock for around an hour and a half unable to move and raggedly breathing while two people helped clean me up from my position. So basically my body has been through a bit, considering I've only been around for 17 years! The point of this is that I'm not sure if there is any possibility of MS or any sort of nerve damage because of all of this. For a while since everything happened, I've been having a periodic tingling sensation that happens in random parts of my back and sometimes spreads. It's an extremely strange sensation and likes to happen when I slouch, which is almost all the time possibly due to a large.. Ahem.. Chest area for a 150 pound teenager. Very recently it's been spreading to my right thigh area and sometimes at random points in my body. The past couple of days I have also been having a strange pain in the lower right part of my stomach that almost feels like someone jabbing a needle or sharp object into me. I'm going to my primary care physician tomorrow and will definitely talk to her about this, but I'd also like to hear other credited opinions and similar personal stories.

Thank you for your time!
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She ordered an X-ray to check for damage to my spine/back area and suspects a compressed nerve. She said its most likely nothing to big to worry about :)
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What did your PCP have to say?
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Thank you very much!
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Hi Hayden - welcome to the group.

It sure sounds like you have packed an awful lot into 17 years :-) I'm glad to hear that you are happier than ever.

What you describe does not sound like MS to me, but I'm not a doctor nor are there any doctors here. MS is not caused by trauma. They don't know what causes MS, but trauma has been ruled out.

MS symptoms do not move around. MS symptoms are caused by never damage ar individual locations in the central nervous system. information that travels laong that damaged nerve sends corrupt messages to specific body parts. Only those body parts will be impacted. MS symptoms don't cause tingling in your right hand tosday and your left foot tomorrow.

It's good that you're seeing your PCP tomorrow.

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