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To call or not to call?

I feel like Sx are gearing up on my left side. Tingling/patchy numbness in my foot, toes and lower leg, same in my hand, and the tip of the tongue tingling that is so annoying. None of it is causing real problems, but I feel this is how my right side issues started last September. Once my right hand was officially useless, it was about 7-10 days for it to affect the entire right side.

If it doesn't get any worse over the next 48 hours, my plan is to do nothing. However, if it seems it is noticeably progressing, then I plan to call. Seem reasonable?

I'm trying not to panic...took 3 months before I could use my right ha d last time, and the Sx have not fully cleared up yet. :( Plus, my husband is out of the country til Sunday. I don't have time for a relapse right now!! (Hahaha!)

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How warm is it there?  My old sx come back with a vengeance with the heat -- but not as bad as the original relapse.

If you are overdoing it because your are "fine" (between relapses) and adding heat -- this could be responsible.

Personally I wouldn't call unless this is out of the blue, no heat, no overdoing it and no chance of a UTI or other underlying infection.  A true relapse is new or worse symptoms ... It's hard to know until it's worse when sx are the same.

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It was really hot over the weekend and I was outside watching my son's baseball tournament Friday-Sunday. While some Sx seem to be worse in the heat, I felt like I tolerated it quite well (it was a little test for myself to see how things would go). Might the heat from the weekend affect me 24 hours later? The weather here by Monday was perfect.

As for my left side "stuff", the Sx are similar to how my last relapse started, however, having them on this side of my body is fairly new. I have had some intermittent tingling and zapping on my left, but 99% of my issues are on my right. The tongue tingling is not new - but man is it annoying!!

I guess it will either worsen or it won't, and if it is a relapse, probably nothing I can do about it anyways. So far, it feels about the same this morning, so maybe it's from fatigue with running around so much these last few weeks.

When I get over heated by being in hot weather for several hours my flare up will usually last about 3-4 days.

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Great to know, Dennis! I (incorrectly) assumed that any heat-related issues would subside once the body cools down. I'm definitely still learning!

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When I overheat my legs stop working and I get paralyzed. It is awful and I can't even sit up without falling over.

This can last anywhere from a day to a week. Sometimes the heat gives me extreme vertigo as well.

I don't test myself anymore lol because it isn't worth it.

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I was going to point out it could still be from your weekend heat exposure too, it can definitely take me a few days to get back to my normal after being exposed to heat for hours and sometimes longer if there's been a lot of physical activity on top of it. I'm basically stuck in drunk string puppet mode and it does't take me doing much of anything for days and days afterwards, and i'm back to being down and out...

I seriously don't know how anybody can really tell if there going into another relapse in the summer, 24 hours duration isn't long enough for me to it work out in summer, lol i yoyo being a drunk string puppet during summer.

The relapse rule of thumb is that anything 'new' and or any symptoms that 'return and or worsen', for a period of no less than 24 hours and at least 30 days since the last one......could be a relapse.

If you've had these left side issues before, even if your symptoms are both sides, it could be a pseudo from over doing it over the weekend or another relapse if your resting staying cool and it doesn't improve at all, either way i'd generally not think relapse in summer unless there isn't any improvements over the coming days.

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You all are fantastic!! Thanks for the replies. It's my first summer post-Dx, so I have lots to learn yet. I am so thankful for no humidity today and a shady spot on my deck to work. It's a little slice of heaven right now.

My right side issues were in no way subtle, so I need to just keep reminding myself of that. It isn't like it really snuck up on me -- more like it steamrollered in without an invite! :D

Thanks, again, friends. I'm not feeling panicky any more. Scary to be responsible for 2 kids w/o DH around, but I have family close by should anything turn for the worse (and at 8 and 10, they can do almost everything for themselves with minimal supervision).
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