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Transposing number and letters?

Lately, I've noticed that I transpose numbers. If the number is 4832, I'll read and write it 4382 or something like that. I've done this occasionally in the past, but it seems to be happening more and more. Sometimes when writing words, even something as simple as my name, I;ll end up starting with the second letter, and then have to write the first letter before it. So my name is Dylan, but I'll write down "y" first. even typing this, when i wrote, "before" it came out "for" and i had to backspace and fix it. Any clue what's going on?
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Hi Dylan -

While cognitive issues are often the result of MS, they tend not to be the initial presenting symptom. When they do present they often involve losing words when speaking, inability to hold a train of thought etc.

I transpose letters all of the time. I mean really all of the time. a fair chunk of my job involves writing, so I am keenly aware of how important the back space key is in my life.

In terms of things I worry about in relation to my MS, this doesn't even make the Top 10 :-) If this is the only symptom, I would not think it's MS.

If you are concerned about cognition, perhaps you can find a neuropsychologist and get evaluated.


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I I'm a skip tracer, so recording the correct information is imperative. I'm hoping that this just has something to do with the increased level of stress lately. Thanks though!
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but have you been diagnosed with MS or just visiting us?
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Hi I do this!!

I did this before I had MS Dx (so MS makes mine worse at times, but not the root of my problem). I see 72, I think 72.. I write and say 27. It's gotten better by being more aware of it and trying my best to say it correctly. I look at the number, think about it and then say it... I have mild dyslexia, that was Dx in my early 20s. Is this a new thing for you or have you always had an issue?

Do you have MS?
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Ditto Kyle.  I do it ALL the time.

I think most neuros would be willing to lump it in with "yeah, that happens sometimes" but I don't think they're going to rush to treat it as an individual symptom unless it's part of a greater problem.

I hope it's not too disruptive for you at work.

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I do this all the time as well. Sometimes it can be a lot worse than other times. I will talk backwards, scan for words, say incorrect words which I'm aware of & then try & correct myself. I also tend to circle around a subject & never quite get to the point....often forgetting what I was talking about. I'm sure many of you have noticed this in my posts. ;-)

With numbers it's the same in that I see the numbers, think the numbers but get them mixed up. I put much of it down to cog fog. If I'm not doing so well then it's just more noticeable. At least people get a giggle out of it. It seems to amuse most people near & dear.

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Add me to the list! I just have to make sure I proofread everything!  I find that when I'm typing, I use the keys on the opposite side of the center - like my right and left hands are switched.  Weird!

And Karry - I have the same verbal problems, and the darndest things come out of my mouth!  Once, my DH laughed hard, and said "I love your disease!" I guess I let fly something really strange.  It usually has something to do with the conversation, but often comes out opposite of what I mean to say.
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Hi There!

You can also add me to the list of transposers. Like you, in my profession, I cannot afford mistakes and have been making a plethora lately. Or reading statements slowly but still not reading them entirely / overlooking words :(

I hope all is well with you otherwise!

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I haven't been diagnosed with MS, but my mom has dyslexia and i think it rubbed off on me. especially when I'm flustered or in a hurry. I sincerely appreciate all of your input though. helps put my mind a little more at ease.
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I'm in your club. Transpose, mingle, mutilate - words, numbers, conversations... Recently I said, "This is how the MS is molesting in me," when I meant to "manifesting" in me. But it was still quite apt, I think! :-)

Definite link with stress level or cog fog status with me. Some days I'm almost 'old normal' instead of 'new normal'.

Blessings all.
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