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Tremors - atypical

I've been having steroid treatment for another relapse in which I have had a lot of involuntary movements and tremors. My right hand has a tremor, which mostly comes when I am standing still or sitting, so it's I guess a resting tremor. It also pretty much fits the description of a parkinsonian or pill-rolling tremor. When I'm standing my hand kind of flaps back and forth like i'm shaking maracas (sp?), if I'm sitting with my hands on my lap my fingers will curl up and uncurl repeatedly.

Also I still have the chin or lip spasm/tremor that I had a while back. It went a way for a while but came back with these new symptoms.

I also have a neck/trunk tremor sometimes when I am sitting or lying down and very tired. I've noticed this is worse on buses/in vehicles, like I can't compensate for the movement of the bus. It's a no-no rather than a yes-yes tremor, for the most part.

So in my reading about tremors in MS, most of them seem to be intention/action tremors, whereas this is not. It goes away usually when I use my hand for something, unless I relax into the task (e.g. if I've been writing and I rest my pen on the page, my hand will start tremoring around the pen, but writing itself is not shaky).

This seems unusual! Anyway, I had HDIV steroids last week and am anxiously awaiting the hopeful clearup of these new symptoms. The worst thing is not actually the tremor (although it is exhausting) but the feeling of weakness I get along with it, and also neuralgia and numbness and achiness. Hard to explain.

Has anyone else experienced symptoms like these? Did they clear up?
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I have a resting tremor in my head, that gets worse when I'm tired or relapsing - it's a yes-yes tremor.  I also have shaky hands when I overdo it.  

But I have to say it's pretty typical to get other symptoms along with the new weird one.  A month ago, I was having this weird myoclonus/seizure thing of the back.  After the weird back thing, my legs would feel really weak, and I'd be extremely fatigued.  Then I'd get burning feet, and buzzy knees...

Good luck!  Make sure you get plenty of rest.
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I have had problems with tremors a lot. I couldn't really explain it well to the neurologist but with a nursing background my best comparison was it had to be similar to that of what a Parkinson's patient felt like so she prescribed Amantadine, it is actually a flu med so I thought for sure I got the wrong thing but it does help and it is suppose to help with fatigue now that is yet to be seen but if taken twice a day as directed I don't go to bed as early. I really see a difference in my balance and my feeling of just shaking sometimes when everything is bothering me.my hands are a lot more calm.
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I don't have most of the types of tremors you describe, but I do have a tremor in my jaw/chin, not sure if it's the same as what you're experiencing.  Mine is an action tremor I guess--it's triggered when I drink from a cup or hold my jaw in a specific position (not relaxed).

I think in my case it's related to trigeminal neuralgia, though, so this may not be the same thing.  What does your neuro say about the tremors?
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I've heard people discuss this on the forum before but I can't say that I've experienced it personally. I'm unDX and I have the intentional tremors, if I do get them, even though I have had some medications give me the resting tremors. Sorry that you are going through this. I know it is a pain.

I can't help much so I'll bump your question so others can have a chance to answer.
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