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Unilateral grey blind spot anyone?

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Over the years i've had my fair share of visual issues but after a couple of days with my vision playing up more than usual, i still wasn't expecting to discover I was mostly blind in my left eye..."uh-oh!"

I haven't a clue what my husband was telling me, i was totally distracted by the large grey splodge that had removed everything in it's path, lol it's hard to pay attention to what's being said when the person your listening to has over half their face missing but you'd think being half blind would warrant a bit more of a reaction than "uh-oh!"  

At least i didn't laugh my head off like i did the first time my vision went obviously double, i'm pretty sure mothers are not suppose to crack up laughing when they look at their son's faces like this mum did :D I'm sorry but what's the socially appropriate response when someone's got another set of eyeballs, and glasses blinking at you from their forehead? As you can imagine, that was understandably surprising but when the extra mouth on his cheek started moving too, it was just so bizarre i couldn't help laughing.....okeedokee admittedly laughing instead of freaking might be more of a me thing cause i'm easily amused :D

So my husbands explaining errrr something or other in minute detail and here i am wondering how to tell him i can't see, should i tell him i can't see, should i ignore it and see (pardon the pun) what happens, how p!ssed off will he be if i don't tell him...cause i don't know about you but it's not something i've ever done before, do you casually work "i'm blind" into the conversation like a foot note?

"sounds good dear, just do what ever you think needs doing, oh by the way, I'm fine but i can't see anything out of my left eye, what do you want for dinner?"

Now before you ask, i actually sort of did tell him like that, and he must of been listening to me with his elbow cause his response was blink blink blink frown "okay i'll order what i need tomorrow" frown and he went back to what he was doing. A few hours later after i asked our son if he'd pour the hot water in my cup for me since i can't see the cup, him freaking, me calming him down, hubby distractedly asks "is something going on?"

This time when i'm telling him that i still can't see out of my left eye he must of been listening with his ears, cause he then starts weirding me out staring at my eyeballs trying to see what's wrong with my eyes lol ok staring at me was because the last time my eyes went on a new holiday to strange town, you couldn't miss that I had one pupil stuck hugely bigger than the other, it lasted for days with my vision playing up for a couple of weeks more. btw that trippie looking episode was about 2 years ago, and whilst it was very obviously not normal, it was also very painful with eye movement, think of shoving an ice pick through the centre of your eyeball (ouchie!) it was also in my right eye and this newbie visual issue is definitely only in my left eye....

It's strange trying to describe a grey blind spot, blind because i couldn't see anything through it at all, unlike the smudge of opaque blur, which is like looking through a swipe of Vaseline across your glasses, so you can see through it but it's really hard to make out anything clear enough within the smudge. I'd describe the grey blind spot as probably more of a smooth edged splodge than an obvious shape, partially in the centre and i couldn't see a [email protected]@dy thing through it, everything withing was just gone...    

I was thinking i was doing ok until i crashed for over 4 hours, i was struggling to pay attention and keep my eyes on target, i basically kept drifting off so i went to bed lol it's more mentally exhausting than you realise just trying to see whats in front of you...

I know i'm not alone in this, but it is a new one for me


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I've had the "grey spot", also in my left eye, but a little off center of my full field of view in that eye (left, down). It turned out to be my swollen optic nerve, and after some MRI's and a spinal tap I was diagnosed with MS.  I wish you the best
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Not off the top of my head sorry but like Sarcoidosis, Sjogrens was always one of the conditions we'd mention as an alternative MS mimic, so it's quite possible there has been some MS community members over the years who either came here thinking it could be MS or were already going through the MS diagnostic process but dx with Sjogrens instead.

There might even be a few who were-are members of the undiagnosed symptoms community, i haven't visited that community in well over 5 years now but at the time there seemed to be a mixed bag of possible conditions, some were definitely worried their symptoms were MS but i honestly don't know if any did get dx with Sjorgren's or not.

I actually know next to nothing about Sjogren's so most of what you've mentioned i don't know enough to comment, apart from it sounds like there's still an awful lot going on for your med dosage to be right for you, please keep discussing your dosage with your dr on your list for your next check up!


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Thank you, I will do that. I hope your eyesight gets better soon. So nice to "see" you here!
Hugs back to you- Dagun
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:D hey you, long time no see lol so so nice to hear from you!

I still have my humour to keep me company whilst i'm walking on the wild side :D though i do wish there were more of us having a good time chatting on here, we had some pretty good times when the community was busy busy busy...

What have you been up to?

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Nothing special really, I'm doing okey, I'm on meds now for Sjogrens (Cellcept) but I think I need a larger doze because I not only have lymphocytis infiltration in my brain but also mouth and now face and hairline (attacking salivary glands, sweat glands and hair glands) frontal Fibrosis Alopeci. Have a lot of TN symptoms (along with other nerve issues) but they do not last long so that is why "I'm okay".  In the Sjogrens group on Facebook I sometimes read about people that for years thought they had MS and even had a diagnoses of MS but later learned that they have Sjogrens in the CNS. I think that the people that are looking for answers should be aware of how Sjogrens can mimic MS. Have you heard of anyone else here than me that got a Sjogrens diagnoses?
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Hi JJ :) I just had to say hi, I just wondered in here after a long silence. Good to see that you are still here, helping as always. Your wonderful humor must be helping you so much with all that you are dealing with. I´m sorry, I´m no help, my eyes have been pretty normal so far. I hope this is just a quick flare for you and you get back to normal soon.
My best wishes for you!
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