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Update from Maine

Wed. was a pretty good day for me to start with. I finally saw a real live moose in my pond just before dusk. I did try to take a couple of pictures of it, but don't know if they turned out yet as I need to get them transferred to my computer. If they turned out I'll post them to my profile.

But things went downhill after that. Just before midnight I was having my usual heart attack symptoms that my MS can also cause. So I decided to check my BP. It was up to 188/87, which is way too high. So I headed to the local hospital. They admitted me for Cardiac problems even though the blood work showed I did not have another heart attack so they could check out more thoroughly what was going on. On Thursday they did a chemical stress test on me heart which showed there is a very small area of my heart that is damaged, but they decided trying to fix that would probably cause more damage than it would fix. So instead they put me on a 3rd BP medication to help keep my BP down. I'm right now at home waiting for a call from the VA about scheduling a follow up appointment with my doctor up here and getting the new medication.

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sorry Denise

I had heart problems not a sex change. LOL!!!

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I hope the moose pics turn out but really sorry to hear about the BP and continued heart issues. I hope the new medication red tape isn't too awful and that the medication itself helps.
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I'm sorry to read this, Dennis :( How can any day that starts as awesome as having a live moose in your pond go so wrong? Ugh.

Sending you good thoughts. I will be on the lookout for those moose pix!
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I was really looking forward to reading something good today.....I've always enjoyed your wildlife updates and you seeing a moose in your pond brought a smile to my face but babe what the hell, damaged heart!

sheesh I think we need to gang up on you and wrap you in bubble wrap to keep you safe, one day you'll end one of your adventure updates with something as uneventful as a slice of cold pizza and not another serious medical situation....HUGS!

Take care or i'm sending the bubble wrap...........JJ
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Thanks all for your kind words.

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I was so excited to hear about your moose siting, but not so happy to hear about your heart and bp. I hope they can get it figured out quickly so you can enjoy your summer.

HUGS, barb
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