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Anyone   out there with leg pain when first standing after a while of sitting or laying on the bed reading/watching tv?
This is new to me. Before this symptom I wasn't running marathons or even walking the dog very far...but having this new leg pain( it has me almost in tears) is new/unexpected .
Wondering if any one is using a wheelchair a lot or a bit, or has bad leg pain as well.
Thanks. Nicky
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Your doctor needs to find out whether it is muscular or nerve pain. They can give you medications for both. Mine is more muscle so I take muscle relaxers several times a day.

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hmmmmmm I pretty much always think of the simple or more common explanations first, probably because there are more 'potential remedies' you can actively do to try to change something. So with those thoughts in mind, are there any recent changes that 'maybe possible' factors, some things for you to consider.......dietary changes, any new or increase medications, weight gain/loss, changes to a lower activity level eg sitting more than you use too and effecting circulation, flexibility, muscle strength, spasticity etc,

I also think of things like where exactly the pain is eg knee, upper leg lower leg, hip, etc, if its the whole limb or an isolated muscle thigh, calf etc What  type of pain do you feel eg ache, tight, burning, bee sting, spreading, sharp etc and If there is a pattern to the pain eg all the time, only on standing, knee bent, gets better or worse with movement, worsens each day etc

I personally have had very painful knees for too many years to remember, it plays up in only one knee at a time and when ever it likes but it only ever hits when my legs have been bent eg standing from a sitting position. The straightening of my leg makes the knee cap temporarily get stuck and the initial pain can take my breath away. I walk lol okay its more of a limping hobble to stretch, whilst silently screaming it out but there is nothing i can do about it, except be aware of the angle of my legs at rest and try to straighten and stretch. My right knee is the main culprit but it hasn't helped matters with my left leg now being my bad leg, so sometimes i fold like a pack of cards :D

Food for thought............JJ

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Hi Mcnickyo -

Having MS does not prevent us fromn having other health issues. It is very possible that your leg pain is unrelated to MS.

In my case, pain that prevented me from walking more than 25' without stopping was unrelated to my MS. It was plain old osteoarthritis, and a hip replacement fied the problem :-)

Can you be a little more specific about the pain you are experiencing?

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It has occurred to me this new addition of leg pain could be related to Fibro but since it is affecting my walking I thought MS. Everyone who commented had helpful comments.
The pain I have is bi-lat. on the outside from knee to top of leg. Not hip pain.
I think it is a deep ache and also burning? Thanks for writing.
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Hi Alex, I am in the midst of finding a new MS doc...maybe July. I don't think I need to be seen and poked right away. Be it nerve or muscle pain would be interesting to find out . I do already take Flexeril twice/day...
Thanks for writing
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JJ, Hi. U really gave me a lot to think about these new leg pains! Thank u for helping me consider all the issues u bring up. Yes to dietary changes-13 weeks gluten free, wheat and sugar free, limited grains, no dairy, high in nuts and good oil. The nuts kinda give me indigestion but don't really see a connection to my leg pain. ? Change in activity level, maybe doing more steps - the backyard where the dog goes is two steps down and up and I have been noticing my legs feel weak/ ache on the stairs. Maybe it is in my hips. I thought it was both legs, on the outside of each leg, a burning and achy pain. Thanks for such great answers. I will give this more thought..while waiting for a new ms doc inJuly/August ( she doesn't have a cancel list). Take care of your knees!  Nicky
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