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Week of March 18 and Marvin Gaye

What's going on?  What's going on?  This is our weekly synposis of upcoming events that you might wish to share with us here.

These don't have to be medical happenings, and anything is fair game.  So please don't be shy and let us know what's going on with you.

I still love Marvin Gaye's music even though he has been gone much too long.  If you want to take a walk down that memory lane, check out this clip on youtube -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KKEXZTrvAU&feature=fvst

be well and have a great week,

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resting up from my long drive to the neuro and battling spring allergies, pollen is everywhere!  Have a good week everyone
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Not much for me this week...aside from taking mom to pulmonologist on Tuesday nothing big for me! Spring break from school this week so I am going to get some spring cleaning done!

Have a great week everyone!
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Waaayy too much work, and then, babysitting.  And missing Marvin Gaye...Loved that man, and his music!
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Not much going on this week. My bloodwork came out fine so my neuro faxed the Rebif paperwork in on Friday. I should hear early this week about setting up the first delivery and all that.

Other than that, just a regular week for me. I'm trying to give myself permission to nap in the afternoon when I need it, which is most days...but I'm having a horrible time being okay with it. Part of me is scared because afternoon naps were the first sign of my last relapse, and partly I'm just all kinds of mad that I did not recover back to where I was before the relapse. I just have to remind myself to give myself time to recover.

I hope everyone has a great week! We will be in the low to mid 70s here, so it should be beautiful weather :-)
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We took a nice drive this afternoon (to Jungle Jim's, Paula!)  and every where I looked there were lovely trees in bloom, especially the  bradford pears (don't bear fruit, they are beautiful in the spring when they are full of white blossoms). I was talknig to DH about how these have been planted everywhere around here and how they contribute to the pollen/allergy problems.  

They are gorgeous, though. If you don't know this tree, google Bradford pear and take a look at the pictures.

And it made it to 80 today - pretty freaky for mid-March in Ohio.

I have a podiatrist appt Tuesday to review plans for my bunion surgery in April. More importantly, I have to ship my laptop computer back to HP for some repairs. Here's hoping my old one that DH bought for me the day of my DX back in 2008, will allow me to be here in the evenings - it's a bit sluggish and was trying to die when I replaced it last year.
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Lulu! Thank you for inspiring me to take out my vinyl, triple LP Marvin Gaye album, "Anthology". It's one of the best record purchases I ever made. I think it's time for a bottle of wine and a living room dance party...

No doc stuff for me this week. Just work, school, and self-imposed torture as I wait for a decision from my top-choice grad program. Any positive vibes y'all can throw my way would be much appreciated.

Boo to allergies. Yay to naps (and not feeling guilty for them- you deserve it, Jess!). And H-E-L-L Y-E-A-H to Spring break.

- Jane
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I have started taking afternoon naps, hope its not a relapse sign...
I had attributed it to allergy season........
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I am excited to start a DMD soon.

Today I went and looked at a new home with my family.  It was the first time since my diagnosis on Tuesday that I felt really excited about the future without being scared.  Just happy.  I just want to hold this feeling close.
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Hello gang,

Well, I have been a bit quiet lately. Just taking it easy and trying to sneak in a bit of bicycle training. This weekend I am riding 46klms for glory to support people like us with MS and hopefully achieve a personal milestone.

No doctors, no physio, no chiro, no gastro, no problemo!

Oh Lu, Marvin is coooool!!

Blessings to all
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I don't have much going on, except I have to get my place ready for the cleaners on Tuesday.

I also blew my diet tonight, so I'll probably be making up for that all this week.  

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Busy week for me. Prepping for a party for my Son who goes into the Air Force next lord willing. His last physical is next week, and I'm praying hard all goes smooth.

Wishing you all a gentle week - one with some simple pleasures mixed amongst the madness.
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PT as always and my first followup with Neuro since my dx in December.  Thats tomorrow!  I am sure it will be routine to see how it is all going.  Most days just push it to the back of my head that I have MS -  It only rears its ugly head once in a while!!!
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Oh yeah and I also love Marvin Gaye!  Gonna get the CD out tonight and listen!  Thanks LuLu!  
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My youngest starts round six of chemo  today, two more rounds and then
phase one is over.....

It's been a year, I see my cardiologist  on Tuesday,  last year at this time he gave me clearance for ankle surgery.  

Other wise its a calm week..  or I hope so.

Every one remain healthy ...

take care
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JB I hope all goes well with your son.

I had a wonderful day Saturday. I went with all the ladies from the barn to a tack swap. I bought a gently used helmet and a Jolly Ball (dog toy) for Grady. We all joked and laughed. Then we got back to the barn saddled horses and rode. At the end we switched horses for a change. I rode a lovely horse named Chance.

Sunday I spent with my husband who is still sad about the dog. This morning I woke up to a plumbing problem. I stayed calm and dealt with it like I used to pre MS diagnosis. I was so happy Grady and I went to my favorite burger place. I know I am not supposed to eat burgers and will pay for it but hey.

Life is good full of Multiple Scenarios.

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Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. chemo can be tough but it sounds as though your son is tough already!

You take care of yourself as well. Watching a family member in pain is mighty stressful. Good thoughts being sent your way.
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Very busy week for me and a return again of my right foot drop.

John, as always, I'm thinking of you and your family.

I'm working thru Wed. And I have both of my PTs Wed & Fri.

My brother, who's a year old, is having his lung ct & a lung capacity test today. Me & my younger brother are going with him to the hospital on Thurs for his bronchoscopy to see if he has cancer & where it is.

I'm going to a new appt with a cardiologist on Friday.

Shell, we live in Colorado Springs - home of the Air Force Academy (and I think about 4 other military bases - my dad was retired military). There are  always gliders to watch in the sky everyday of the cadets practicing their flying.    

When I think about Marvin Gaye, I always think of this tribute to him called, "Nightshift" by the Commodores.

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Geez, is this week over yet? I'm already tired!
Yesterday was work-in  PT due to extreme right calf and tendon pain as well as left Achilles tendon pain. Took Cipro during one of the hospital rounds....
Today,Tuesday, kidney specialist, who had good news, all labs look good so far.
Wednesday- pulmonary doc
Thursday- PT again
Friday- lunch outing with friends

I will probably back out of Friday which I hate to do as this group gets together irregularly. Anybody with a little extra energy????
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that was a great 4+ minute break. Thanks for the link.  There was such good music from the 70's that Iforget about until something like your post brings it to my attention.  

Ren - don't push it. You might need to give up something or two this week to make it through. Don't push it................

hugs to all  of you going through so many different things this week,
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