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What is chronic mild anterior wedging of T11 likely physiologic?

Pain in middle of back down on left side. Neurologist says can’t be from that. I broke 7th rib in 2017 but no one said anything else. Just had a MRI for low back pain and this was all it saw. Any ideas why I would have all this pain in lower back? Can’t twist after siting hurts to stand and gradually gets dull. Then relieved when lying down.
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In 2017 I have bulging L5 and sciatica in one leg.  I found a physical therapist who has a PHd in back therapy and he told me the McKenzie Method (u can find people who are trained on line)   would cure the sciatica  and keep the disk manageable.  I have been doing these exercises for 5 years - no sciatica and only minor back pain when I strain my  back or do lots of bending.  Good luck, hope u can find the right p.t. This p.t. is in Eden NC (Chip Miller).
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Hi and welcome to the MS community, not sure why your question landed in the MS community and not neurology or Thyroid communities.

Honestly, from what i've been looking up its an unlikely causation of your lower back pain already but considering all your mentioned medical issues.....

"pituitary dwarfism", "osteoarthritis of the spine and nerve damage in arms", foot drop? ("I also trip and fall a lot somehow I don’t get my foot high enough. Ankles hurt a lot but foot doctor doesn’t know what is wrong yet. Have seen him 2 times this year for severe ankle strain. And put in a boot to wear. "), "parathyroid / hypothyroid / hyper parathyroid", "Osteoporosis in neck and lower back osteopenia in hips" etc

...one or more of these medical issues could potentially be the cause of it and because of your complicated medical history there may not be able to pin it down to any specific cause.

Hope that helps a little, sorry couldn't help more........JJ
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I do have these symptoms too. I was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism.  And fallen many times left leg doesn’t seem to follow through when walking downstairs and now when waking up. Not numb just doesn’t feel like there. Well maybe soon will find a solution.
Hopefully you will come to an understanding soon!

Just a thought regarding 'possible' causes, because of your Thyroid situation, has there been any suggestion of this being muscle tissue related eg Hypothyroid Myopathy?

"The muscle involvement in hypothyroidism is caused by alterations in muscle fibers from fast-twitching type 2 to slow-twitching type 1 fibers, deposition of glycosaminoglycans, poor contractility of actin-myosin units, low myosin ATPase activity and low ATP turnover in skeletal muscle.

It has been noted that the degree of muscle weakness does not always correlate with the severity of thyroid hormone deficiency and this suggests that besides impaired muscle function, structural muscle injury might have a role in the pathogenesis of the myopathy in some cases."


Take care of your self....JJ
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