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‘When I Walk,’

This is a documentary about a young man's life with PPMS. The NY Times had very nice things to say about it.


There is a limited schedule of screenings. I hope it's available on dvd or via netflix soon.

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Thanks for sharing this.

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I had been watching this young man on YouTube. Thanks for the link I will look into it. It would be great if it came out on DVD. Fingers crossed.

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This film was recognized at the Vancouver international Film Festival.

"Another hometown nod went to New York-based Emily Carr University grad Jason da Silva for When I Walk, his chronicle of his own battle with multiple sclerosis, named most popular Canadian documentary." - as printed in The Province daily.
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Anyone interested in this it is also on face book to follow.
He is always adding more info about new shows etc..

I look forward to seein this someday!! I would love to go see it but where I live will probably be waiting forever!!
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Jason and his supporters funded this through a crowdsource site and I can proudly say I was a contributor.  The film is wonderful - he avoids the sob story and tells a truly touching, sincere and even sometimes funny story, about his MS discovery, his mother's determination and his wife's blind love.  If you would be interested in hosting a showing in your home town, you can set it up, risk free to you, through http://www.tugg.com/titles/when-i-walk

It is also set to show at these locations coming up soon....

November 1-7         Laemmle Music Hall                                 Los Angeles, CA
                                Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook in person opening weekend!
November 1            14 Pews                                                    Houston, TX
November 4            14 Pews                                                    Houston, TX
November 7            Tugg Event: Cinemark Tinseltown USA    Layton, UT
November 8            Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Festival   Australia
November 10          San Diego Asian Film Festival                  San Diego, CA
November 14          Tugg Event: Cable Car Cinema                Providence, RI
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lulu.... how do you mean "host an event"
I am intrigued!!
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From what I understand - you sign up at Tugg that you would like to host a showing of When I Walk.  They do all of the logistics in finding a theater in your area, and setting the ticket price.  They also tell you the minimum number of tixs that need to be sold for the movie to be shown..You then recruit your friends, family and strangers to come and see the movie.  They buy their tickets on line.  A very small portion of the ticket prices come back to you for use with a charity -

At least that is how I understand this.
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Very neat!!

I don't know if I could get 100+ people to go though..???
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