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With MS should I be exercising

I have not "exercised", since my accident and subsequent MS full on symptoms began back last July (2009).
I know, that if my body gets too hot, that's a very bad thing, but I also know I have to watch my weight, and exercise.
My wife just got us a membership at the "Y" (YMCA), because she wants to start doing water aerobics, for her arthritis and pain in her back and legs.
I told her I would join with her, but not necessarily do the water aerobics.
I have a condition whereby, when underwater, I lose my sense of "which way is up", even though I know, it's a pool, and all I have to do is put my feet down, unless, I'm in the deep end, if you know what I mean.
Before all this happened, my usual mode of exercise, was a stationary bike.
Not one that looks like a bicycle, but one you kinda lay back in, stretch out your legs, and pedal.
My machine, told me my average speed (mph), how far I "traveled" (in tenths of a mile), and calculated how many calories I was burning.
On my machine, I did a one mile "warm up" and one mile "cool down", and recorded about 40 miles and about 1500 calories burned, and I did this in less than 90 minutes.
This was before I had foot surgery, so it has probably been more than 2 years, since I have even attempted this.
So, when my wife set us up at the Y, I checked out their stationary bikes, and they can do the same as mine.
My Q? Is should I go back to the stationary bike, should I attempt or expect the same results, or should I not attempt it, and just do water aerobics, or simply swim laps (which I can do, as long as I swim on top of the water)?

Your input is most welcomed.

Please tell me, what any of you do, if anything.

I also have a Wii fit plus, at home, but it doesn't seem like much of a workout, and takes forever to burn many calories.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

-- Socrates
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I really like the stationary bikes, or the elliptical trainers.  It's a good way to exercise while not having to worry about tripping over myself.  

I'm all about exercise.  I think it helps us build neurons and axons, which we need desperately!  I began exercising when my fatigue was really bad, and it didn't seem to make the fatigue worse.  
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You could give this website a try.  "ActiveMSers is designed to help, motivate, and inspire those with multiple sclerosis to stay as active as possible—physically, intellectually, and socially—regardless of physical limitations."


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The Y sounds like a good choice for you and your wife. My suggestion is to start slowly and build up. See how your body feels after each workout. Nothing knocks out incentive faster that way overdoing things and feeling lousy as a result.

You should not have any particular expectations as to how much you can accomplish. Try different things and see what's now a good fit for you. Also, what you like doing. That's equally important. You might try a cooling garment to counteract sweating and the effects of overheating.

Exercise is always good for MSers, and is encouraged by all the experts. Remember, anything you do today is that much more than you did yesterday. Just be very mindful of your limitations, and if you have trouble, see a physical therapist for advice on what would be best for you.

Good luck and let us know how things go.

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Testing... http://www.activemsers.org/
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Interesting.  Part of the URL (http://www.activemsers.org/) got reduced to asterisks in my first post, but not in my second post.

Oh well.  In case it happens again, simply replace the asterisks with the word, ActiveMSers.  Or just google ActiveMSers and you'll get there.  :)  ActiveMSers seem to specialize in advising people with multiple sclerosis on how to stay active.

Please post back and tell us what exercise you decide to do.

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