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all night long...

I was up for the entire night again. I am so tired but cannot sleep this facial curse is getting more intense every day. I lie down but cannot sleep. the pain is excruciating! I am at the point where I want to take people out then myself because I am so miserable.

If I do not get some help soon I am going to be crazy! All day and all night pain. seems as if it never stops, which actually it only stops for a few seconds to minutes and that is not long at all.

Oh well I am at the point of total exhaustion and once again I'm going to try to catch a nap. Maybe I am tired enough that the pain doesn't stop me. I do have a clean house though. LOL! and my husband got a really nice breakfast this morning.

Hope no one ever has to endure this ****, oh except for this one person, no two persons that I really do not like at all. Maybe they can have my share LOL!
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Yes! it does say that accupuncture has helped many patients and my PCP does accupunture on Wednesdays at the pain management clinic. I may check into it but I want to see this other surgeon first to see what he says. My appointment is Friday but I am going to spend the night again.

If he doesn't think I have MS he will probably do the MVD. I have tried absolutely every drug known to man but attacks are getting worse and more frequent with very little relief time. I really hate this ****.

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No, carbamazepine is Tegretol.  Sorry.  No more ideas.

Did you look at the fpa website?
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That is triliptal isn't it I have tried that and maxed out. It helped at 1st then pain increased I had that with tegretol and same thing happened. I have also tried neurotin and dilantin.

Last night I took a valium to finally knock me out. I was up and down last night but got good sleep at the end.
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Why can't your doctor just try the carbamazepine?  How you approached him about it?  Its use in TN is so well established.  And it is such a well-known drum and generally very well tolerated.  Did you look at the site fpa-support.org?

I have someone I would nominate for any symptoms we would like to give away.

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I hope you have found some relief from your pain. I had lightening bolt pain the other night behind my left eye for only 20 seconds and cannot fathom having it any longer than that. It was excruciating. I feel so bad that you are going through this. Shelly is right and that you should let your Doctor know if this is not getting any better. I pray that you get some relief soon.

Too bad you couldn't just give this to the ones you don't like.lol

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Hey Girl,

I'm so sorry about this pain.  Did you finally conk out or what? Can you call one of the Drs to let them know it's worse?  I wish I had advise on this one, really I do.  Just wish you'd get a break w/it.

LOL, on the sharing it w/the enemy....

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