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any suggestions?

Ok I'm getting annoyed enough to ask you peeps... I forgot to mention it at the doctor's today

I have been having trouble peeing again. It wants to do this stop and go flow thing and then not fully empty out.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I wish there was a list of the do's and don't's of MS that they give you.

No one told me about what could cause the urine hesitancy and stuff.
They just wait till you have a problem then figure it out after the fact.
And then you are told "well this is what causes this..."

Tell me this BEFORE hand and then I wouldn't of had to of gone through it.

The list should also include safety precautions too like getting over heated.

What if I had never heard that you shouldn't take hot showers because it could bring about hell and then I go to a sauna or jump in a hot tub and go through hell thinking it's another flare up. When it could of been prevented just by knowing a head of time what elevation in body temp can do to us MSers.

Is there such a list somewhere? Or do we just have to go through life learning the hard way?
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I have had this problem not directly due to my MS but due to amitriptyline which I take for nerve pain.  On a higher dose I have other side effects in addition to the hesitancy; also, dry mouth and big appetite.  I have reduced the dose from 100mg/night to 50mg/night, and this alleviates all three side effects.  This was reassuring as I realize how dangerous the hesitancy can be.
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thanks for asking that question. I have the same issue and it's so bad there's tiny clots in my pee-this is another thing I've been suffering with for a few yrs off and on. I thought it wasn't related to MS at all because all I see are incontinence issues related to MS.

- I used to go to the Dr or after hours clinic(even the er once when I couldn't pee for 24 hrs) and there was infection present 1or2 times but the rest of the time,they just sd. "Well there's defintely blood in there(duh)& -there are many reasons you could have blood in your urine but since there's no infection, you don't need to worry as long as it clears up in a few days. Take some AZO."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go to the dr on April 13 and find out what's wrong with me and it's SAD I've had to suffer this d*@n long... sorry I was happy to be getting close to an answer but now I'm getting p'd off because no one should have to suffer this way

Thank you again for asking.I hope you feel better soon! - And sorry for venting,no one else will listen.


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Wow thanks Quix

what a wealth of knowledge you are. I've got that link up as we speak that you gave.

i've been taking cold medicine this week to get rid of a runny nose. that could be the reason for this. the antihistamines in it is probably what brought it on.

I have not had any today. The runny nose is gone thanks to vitamin c and lots of water

so being that i think i know the cause and the fact that i'm not taking them anymore, it should go away now right?

this would explain the last time i had this problem too. my pcp had me on an anti anxiety medication that had an antihistamine in it. it went away after stopping the medication.

good to know stuff Quix!
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Hi, Maybe, Well, no, Definitely "hi".

That pattern is not a good one and carries some danger, so you have to let your doc know about it.

If you are slow to begin pee'ing, it's called Hesitancy.  Usually the sphincter isn't relaxing when the bladder muscle is contracting.

When the stream starts and stops it's called Interrupted Stream (or "Starting and Stopping) and again it can be from a lack of coordination between the sphincter which is supposed to relax when the bladder contracts.

And if all of the urine is not emptied from the bladder it is called Urinary Retention.  This can also be from the sphincter contracting too early and shutting off the flow or from inadequate contractions of the bladder muscle.

Many people with MS have this problem of poor coordination between the bladder muscle (detrusor) and the external urinary sphincter - called Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia.

It can be dangerous because urine that is kept in the bladder has a high tendency to become infected.  Infections not only endanger our health, but urine infections are the #1 hidden cause of relapses in MS.

Finally, if enough urine is retained it can be forced up to the kidneys - especially in men - and cause kidney permanent damage, eventually kidney failure.  This is not good.

Some meds can cause hesitancy, interrupted stream, and retention like some asthma meds, antihistamines, narcotics and others.

In MS the cause is almost always a spinal cord lesion, usually a thoracic lesion.

This is a Must-Know for your doctor and needs a full Urologic eval ASAP.

There is a Health Page on the Neurology of Incontinence (and would be the same neurology for your problems) that you might want to read.


Hope this helps.

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