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Hi guys, this has been going on for sometime now, and seems to be prominent now for some reason.  

It is a buzzing going up from the bottom of my right foot to my knee.  Also, when it is buzzing, it feels also like my right foot is sliding on something unstable ..... Anyone else had this kind of thing?

Also, I was put on daily Macrobid because of the multiple UIT's I have been getting.  I know through experience, pain and things, that I have one now.  But, the last two samples come up NO GROWTH.  My GP mentioned last year or so that when you finish a course of Antibiotics , wait for a mininium of 3 days to take in a sample, because nothing will grow with the antibiotics.  Have you guys had this one too ???    
Talked with my pharmacist yesterday, and he thought it may be, and to try  to come off, and see what happens with another sample after I have been off for awhile.  

Lots of questions I know, but with the new baby and such, I have forgotton to ask them.

Thanks guys,
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Hi there Candy,

I would hold off the daily antibiotics for 3 to 5 days before sending in a sample. This is what I have to do with my follow up MSU. The pathology will be able to tell if you have antibiotics in the sample so I would be checking with them if you can.

I'm sorry you feel you have another UTI coming on :-(


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I hardly ever suggest supplements. My exception is D-Mannose to prevent UTIs. I have used it and so have my Dalmatians who are prone to urinary issues. Check it out.

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Hey Candy,

I don't personally 'feel' like i'm sliding on something unstable, but i do have a physical reaction 2-3 steps onto unstable ground surfaces [squishy grass, bouncing decking, wobbly pavers, sand etc]. I'm still surprised when my brain doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on and it tries to drop me. I'm left frozen in place, arms out for balance lol looks like i'm surfing whilst i'm stuck fighting to keep on my feet, I can't even take a step to get my self out of trouble.

Does your foot actually slide out from under you and cause you to fall-near fall.......or are your feet actually grounded but you still have the perception or sensation that your foot is sliding when it isn't?

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Buzzing is awful - it can make you feel really weird and out of sorts. I've had buzzing in my legs, in my back, at the back of my neck, and all across my scalp.

It's a phantom sensation generated either by the nerves connecting to the spinal cord, or in the cord itself. It sounds like you've got a lesion in the T-spine, between T7 and T12. It'll also contribute to false signals from the leg, like the sliding sensation you're getting. I get a sensation that feels as if somebody's pressing down on the tip of my toe, but there's nothing there.
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thanks guys, it is an awful feeling that is for sure.  We are not supposed to be unsure of what we are doing in our daily tasks.  But, my foot does NOT move, it just gives me that feeling like the rug moved, or you slipper is just adjusting, I don't know if that makes any sense.

I will be seeing my neuro in January, so will see what she says , this time..!!!

(((HUGS)) to all, and a restful day,
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When I get a phantom sensation, I look down at whatever it is, and it goes away - give it a try. Your brain will readjust - at least while you're looking at the limb.
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Hi hun i get ongoing uti, and take one antibotic everynight. I too have sent in samples and they come back with nothing. Like others say its best to wait 3 days then do it.

However, I have found another way at moment to stave one off. I decided not to take my evening antibiotic for 2 months, and touch wood i havent had a UTI, so what is all that about lol....?

As to buzzing, i get buzzing and tingling constantly in my legs, which does get worse with a UTI, I also have constant buzzing in my head sometimes so loud i cant hear myself think.

I also take 1 high grade cranberry tablet every day.

UTIS suck the life out of us, i was having one every month.

Last scan said my bladder is not emptying quite properly but its not enough to start warranting the use of a cathetar which in a way i am pleased with, as my friend who uses a cathetar has worse UTI then before.
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" it feels also like my right foot is sliding"

I get this sensation when I'm standing at a sink, kitchen, bathroom etc. It's a bizarrely specific sensation :-)

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Kyle, are you in my body???   That is the same time it hits me, I don't know why, dod you think it maybe because we are leaning forward a bit???

Mrs. Aristole....my bladder has been bad for a number of years now, and I do have to use a catheter, supposed to 5-6 times a day, but don't do it that often, and that seems to help somewhat.  I always do it last thing at night, and first in the morning, and depending on pain, and business, I may or maynot do it more.  

I do hope to get more answers soon,

Thanks guys,
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