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diagnosed with cis

My doctor gave me Tecfidera. Im hesitant to take it. Doc told me it was my choice to start taking it. I have multiple brain lessions and one spinal lession. Im worried since ive only had one episode,  medication can led 2 more. Any suggestions....
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I take Tecfidera and the only thing I get "OCCASIONALLY" is the flushing which goes away within 20 to 30 minutes. You start with the 120mg twice a day for 7 days then upgrade to 240mg twice a day.  I like it better than giving myself injections with Copaxone. I did not do well with injections.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure as they say...although, there's no cure for MS at this time.

Good luck with your decision, but I think it would be wise to begin a DMD that best suits your needs.

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We all respond to meds in different ways. I am lucky to be very tolerant of medications. I've had no reaction to Tysabri, Rituxan, IVSM etc.

As others have said, taking a disease modifying drug (DMD) will not lead to further relapses. DMD's may not prevent further relapses (their intended purpose) but they certainly will not cause them :-)

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Medication does not lead to more episodes. Having CIS that naturally transitions to MS leads to more episodes.
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Tecfidera is an excellent drug. I have had wonderful results based on my 1 year MRI. Therapy is the most affective tool in slowing progression.

Good luck and Best Wishes!
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sorry, I misread the post and thought she said Tysabri………

I tried Tecfidera and had a bad reaction to it, and went back to Tysabri.
Do some research on it before you commit yourself.  Make sure your insurance covers it, it is pricey.
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I took Tysabri as my first drug, and was + from the beginning.  I've been on it for almost 3 yrs and I think it has helped prevent future permanent flares.  

I have not heard that Tysabri can lead to more, its job is to help prevent more.  It will not, however, reverse anything that has already happened or take away the pesky symptoms we often get.

You can always go off of it but it sure is nice to only worry about it every 28 days!

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The medication should help stop further episodes not cause them. Your body causes them. You can go with the shots they know more about the injectables because they have been around longer.

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