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eye sight issues....really scared

Hi guys,

Pretty freaked out at this point.  Had my first real double vision issue couple of days ago....balance is always off but could not even stir a pot felt as though was going to keel over and made me feel sick to my tummy.  I am having issues with dim light especially in the right eye.  I just got up out of my bed as when I switched the light off there is enough light with the baby monitor etc to see pretty well.  One side was just black.  I lay in bed covering one eye then the other and there is a lack of clarity on the right side and sometimes there is just almost nothing.  This is not the first time I have had issues with the eye.  I had my sunglasses on the other day and I kept putting them on and off looking at them...not a good thing to do driving but I was puzzled as I felt I could not see well on that side and thought there was an issue with the glasses.  This is getting worse and worse.  Not diagnosed as yet 95% I am told but have had an eyelid twitch on that side for 2 yrs now but the vision thing makes me scared and sad.  had to get up and look it up am scared will wake up with no vision in the morning.  What is happening?  Is this something common and will it go away?  Have had really bad flare up and made an appointment with neuro opthamologist but not until March nothing open until then.
Please help.
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I'd love to help, but all I can say is that sounds eerily similar to my vision problems, which I had for a few weeks before I could even put my finger on it.  I describe it as a patch or region that is hazy, dim, or bright at different times.  It reminds me of the halo we often see after we've been the subject of a flash photo.  It's a bit off center, but if we try to look straight at it, it moves.  Mine's also (almost) always on the right side, upper half of the field of view, and it never goes away.  Ophthalmologist couldn't find a thing.
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oh great!  His PastorDan,

I am going to call and see if anyone can see me today.  It about scared me half to death.  I also see the halo.  Looking at a picture on the wall today I could see it long after I looked away from it.  It is just a light version of what you looked at (shape) the whole thing last night left really scared.

Thank you for your reply
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Tray to call again today!  You ahve got to tell them what is going on.  Don't sellte.  Ask so speak to the nurse.  Try to be calm with her, but make sure thatyou tell her exactly how you are, and tell her that it is getting worse!  I will be praying for you.  My first real symptom was double vision.  I did have a "missing" spot for a few hours.  Scared me to death
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Could've sworn I just replied to this again, but that must've been in the middle of the last crash.  Computers.  Gotta love 'em.

I didn't mean to imply that I was seeing outlines or shapes of things at which I'd just been looking.  I am seeing one poorly defined area, in the same place except for the 4th of February, when I experienced the first migraine I'd had since 1997.

The double vision I've experienced is minimal, and half the time I think it's from not putting forth the effort needed to focus sharply.  The way you describe yours does sound scary, but I'd be as scared about that black area as anything else.  Of course, I'm a minister and a bureaucrat, not a medical professional of any kind.
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called again today no response He'll call when he can.... I just want to scream.  i understand this is an issue for me not so much for them but good gosh.  The verigo is tough I guess it is vertigo have to look up the definition balance is an issue and cant watch anything moving as I will be on the floor.  getting dressed as my eyes were covered putting on my shirt I almost  went through the wall!  lost balance and this scares me. I have a baby and no one to call on for help my husband is at work.  anything I can take for balance?  travel sickness pills or something?!
thnx for the response my friends.  Pastor Dan any extra prayers are greatly appreciated.!!  You are far more precious than any doctor.  :)  Have not known a Dr yet that can perform a miracle only God...
I'm holding out for one of those.
take care,

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Aw, see, now you're makin' me blush.  Too many kind words might go to my head.  I remember, of course, that any usefulness I might have is God-given.
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lol 'tis all true.  I am a firm believer that all the issues can be taken as fast as they come.  In the last 3 years I have had a brain tumor, lyme disease, lost my father, an unexpected pregnancy (who is ablessing but challenge) and now probably MS and you know.  I guess you really know who you are and how much faith you have when faced with the challenges.  I try to thank God for everything even when there are days I have had a tough one and other than my family and still being here I thank him for the things I have yet to realize.  My family have a harder time keeping faith than I do I think.  You know, I  have to believe that even if we see a finger painting right now God may be producing a Picasso.  It is not the challenges we face but how we face them.
A huge blessing is the wonderful people I have met as a result.  The real friends-the ones that stick around even though they are tired of you not making the events-or the ones who even faced with their own issues are prepared to give of themselves when you know they are depleted. so...Always a blessing when there are those who are there for support even when they may not have the answers.  Helps to take away the fear.
I have managed to make an appointment to see the neuro on Thurs am.  Bone scan Wed MRI thurs pm and appointment am with neuro.  So, hopefully something will be resolved although I am unable to take steroids with the lyme as it feeds from it so am in a pickle.
never mind all will turn out as it is meant to :)
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When my symptoms flare I too get double vision. I also have permanent static vision in which everything looks like static from a T.V. My last episode of double vision lasted for 2 months and then disappeared on its own. I found that the double vision would get better if I closed one eye. I also found out from doctors that there are steroid treatments a person can take to make the double vision go away; however this is not much help for you since you can not take steroids. I have heard of people getting special contact lenses that blocks the vision of one eye to eliminate the double vision affect (kind of the same affect as closing one eye but less obvious to others). Have you had a history of migraines? Could your vision impairment be related to an optical migraine? I was told that my static vision is related to my past migraine history, (halo vision is also related to migraines.) However my double vision is being questioned as being M.S. related along with other symptoms I get.

Best wishes!
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   I'm so glad I saw your post. I am having similar vision problems with my left eye since Oct. 2008. I don't have MS. I have migraines triggered by arthritis in my upper neck joints. The problem I have with my left eye is that when I turn the lights off at night to go to bed, the vision in my left eye is almost completely black but normal vision returns in less than 5 minutes. Right eye is fine. This happens several times a week only at night in dark room (with nightlite in hall being only light coming in). In the daytime and in a lit room my vision is 20/20 with contacts. I too am afraid that some morning I will wake up and not be able to see, but my neurologist says it is due to my headaches. I have had numerous tests by opthalmologist and he says my eyes are normal. I have an appt. with a neuro-opthalmologist in a couple months just to make sure nothing else going on.
    I'm not a doctor but I wouldnt get too upset thinking the worst. My neuro doc says that vision loss due to MS takes at least 24 hours to return to normal. If you find a reason for your problem before I do, I would love to hear it. I think my doc thinks I'm crazy.
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hi heather!

I have not had a migraine so I am not too sure.  I am feeling so unsure of what to do.  How long have you had MS?  I asked the Dr if the eye issues could be permanant and  he said not usually.  Glad of that.
So hard to make adjustments when things change so frequently.  It is a new normal for me.  I know things could be a lot worse so looking on the bright side (the dim side isn't working for me right now!!) OK not funny gave me a giggle though.  I am trying hard to stay positive!
thank you for your response :)
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Sometimes I think we all think that all our docs think we're all crazy.
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Hey, don't take it personally and don't give up.  14 drs before I had my lyme diagnosis and one of which thought I was a fruit cake.  You know how you feel and if you think you are still having issues get a first second and third opinion if you have to.
take care,

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Hi there,

Welcome to our forum!

Have you gotten into the Dr. office yet? I'm so sorry you are having this problem, but the sooner you are seen, the better.  You don't want to lose your vision - and there are things that can be done depending on what is happening to mitigate (hopefully) the issue.

What Dr. you calling? If you get no-where, and you can, can someone bring you to the ER?  YOu shouldn't drive with limited vision.

I was dx'd w/MS in 07, and hope we can help out, and I hope you find out what is the matter.
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Thank you for the welcome :)  managed to get appt for neuro on thursday I think I need to see opthamologist also.  This is a journey for sure.  Gosh how do you ever know what you are going to face one day to the next? Every day is different.  Some things always the same now.  I am so tired of it! Doc said he may put me on steroids for the flare but he has not even dxd MS yet he says 95% but if he is going to treat then that tells me he has made up his mind.  I am nervous as steroids are bad for lyme.  I am scared the eye issues are coming on and off.  We should hopefully know more this week as I have a bone scan tomorrow mri on thurs.
Thanks for the help.  If it happens again I will go to ER for sure.

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I have the exact same thing. It started 2months ago, I getting bad headaches, then ringing in ear, then this vision of halo in both eyes permanantly!  I have been to the opticians they said to see neurologist, seen neurologist I am having MRI scan In couple of weeks. I also get muscle twitches all over body, if I shut my eyes tight and open them my right eye twitches every time, same when sneezing? No one knows what's wrong? I hope you find out and if you do please let us know thanks
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