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finally a diagnosis

Hello all I recently posted on here. i have been having nerve spasms that can be seen under the skin and involuntary muscle movements. Also migrains and dizziness and some loss of memory issues. And my legs have been feeling very weak and burning and sometimes wanting to colapse from under me. Dr did envoked potential test it was normal. A ct and blood work both normal. My emg of upper body was normal and my eeg was ok even though it was abnormal in 2009. Emg of lower body also normal. And mri was normal. Doc told me today that its fibromyalgia. And gave me a med called savella. The diagnosis kinda makes sense with my symptoms. But i never thought i had a low pain tolerence. I actually think i have a high pain tolerance. Im glad that its nothing more serious but im not 100 % sure its accurate.
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Great answer on the fibro stuff, Bob!

I wish I had started pain meds for the fibromyalgia before it got so out of control that my body is in an endless pain loop. It will be horrible for a few years then suddenly let go and be gone for me.

I have been there before and will be there again. Right now Gabapentin and valium and fentanyl seem to be controlling the pain and spasms pretty well. Luckily the MS is quiet for the moment, overshadowed by the fibro. Will take the fibro anyday! Even though its constant pain. Trigger point therapy and acupuncture helps Fibro a lot.

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Thanks all for your info i will keep ya updated and we shall see what happens.
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Fibromyalgia is a pain syndrome related to the muscles, joints and connective tissue (tendons, etc.)   Some fibromyalgia seems to be related to "central sensitization," where nociceptive neurons in the dorsal horns of the spinal cord become sensitized by peripheral tissue damage or inflammation. This type of sensitization has been suggested as a possible causal mechanism for chronic pain conditions. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14624855

So where "Fibromyalgia" is the diagnosis, the more important issue may be "central sensitization" and finding a pain management specialist to manage it.  Central sensitization is real pain as far as the brain knows and needs to be managed. There are theories that  failure to manage pain can actually result in "pain amplification," where the spinal cord increases the sensory pain signals sent to the brain when pain is ignored.   People who had "high thresholds" for tolerance of pain actually train there nervous system (peripheral and spinal cord) to send amplified pain messages to the brain, so the body will act to remove the offending stimulus.  

So of this is an issue of "nociceptive neurons in the dorsal horns of the spinal cord" the typical GABA anti-seizure medications (Neurontin, Lyrica) and narcotics should have some effect.  SSRI antidepressants may also provide some relief.

Smith, Howard S., "Current Therapy in Pain, Expert Consult Series,"  Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008 Chap 31

The lesson here is not to ignore pain.  Your body can respond in away that will continue to amplify the pain until you can not ignore it.

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Congrats on putting a name to the symptoms .  I hope the meds work to control the pain.  

Fibromyalgia is an interesting diagnosis because it seems to be right before "heck if I know what is wrong with you" - but that is just my opinion.  There is definitely something wrong and I hope this is the correct answer for you.  All the negative tests are good indicators.

Good luck in regulating the drugs and finding the right balance to give you relief.  Stay in touch, ok?


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i have no idea what strength. My neuro was happy just with my negative ct. I asked for the mri. And it was a closed mri thats all i know. But i will deffinatly check into to.
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Well, it is always my question and I am sure regulars of this board tire of hearing me ask .....but what strength MRI was used on the spine?  Again (yawn from repeating this over and over..lol) if it was taken on a 1.5 lesions can be missed.  Why?  Because the spine is in a confined space and needs a higher resolution to be seen.  It should be done on a 3tMRI.  

Many will follow this post with their's showed on a 1.5tMRI.  I was obviously one of the few missed.  Don't be me.  Make use of the technology available and insist on a 3t.  It just may save you from a wheelchair one day.

Please keep us posted on what happens.
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