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flying with MS/Copaxone

hello! im 18 and i was diagnosed with ms just a couple months ago. i was prescribed copaxone (which ill hopefully get in a few days).

(An unrelated note: i already know a lot about multiple sclerosis and copaxone since my mother has it as well)

anyways, im flying for the first time in my life on November 2nd. Im nervous because itll be my first time and ill be carrying about a months worth of copaxone with me.

does anyone have any advise about flying with ms and copaxone? words of encouragement would also be nice haha

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Have a note from your doctor saying he prescribed it for you  and it is for MS. If you stay on hotel that does not have fridge you can tell them you need to refrigerate medicine and they will get you one.

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I can add I have never had problems flying with epi-pens in cabin. I called TSA in advance and they recommended keeping medication in original packaging and carrying doctor's note. So from security perspective I think you'll be fine carrying injectables.
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I took for rebif for over 7 years and did a lot of traveling for work. Rebif provided me with a travel case that had a spot for the rx (I cut out from the box with prescribing info) a compartment with an ice pack, and a compartment for the medicine, autoinjector, most the time it went through security without being questioned. The only time it was opened and inspected was on an international flight. Call them and I'm sure they will send you similar.
Note: test the fride with a bottle of water or some liquid before you put your meds in. One trip I was on I threw mine in the fridge and found it frozen the next day ( which ruined it)
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     I shot copazone for probably three years, took my self to the local VA hospital six times with chest pains, discomfort, fearing heart attack. What no MD ever tod me was copaxone can cause chest discomfort or chest pains mimicking heart attack symptoms. 1990 PDR (physicians desk reference) final two sentances of two page entry states drug, copaxone, may vause chest discomfort or chest pains. Suggest you obtain a PDR (physicians desk reference) for reference to ascertain validity of MD's information regarding drugs efficacy, effects. I've spent twenty five years working in hospitals and clinics with MD's and they don't know everything.
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I've been on Copaxone for about 1 1/2 years, and I've been experiencing chest pain, palpitations, and discomfort.  It's very unnerving.....
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I'm not sure how much stock can be placed in a desk reference that is 24 years old and published 6 years prior to a drug getting FDA approval. Basically no one had used it at that point bar very small numbers of participants on trials. I'm on a drug trial now myself and know full well that every little thing I mention gets documented in triplicate on the understanding that even a vague correlation will need to be reported when they approach the FDA for licensing. Though perhaps you mistyped the date.

Around these parts, we generally recommend anyone with chest discomfort or pain go to their doctor or the ER, regardless of what medication they're on. It's just not worth the risk to assume it's a drug side-effect.
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Hi Syd - Welcome to our group.

I travel with an injectable RX med once or twice a year. I keep the med in its unreconsituted form in the labeled box I put it, sterile water and syringes in a baggie. I put the baggie in my checked bag. I have had no problems on either domestic or international flights.

If you're asking about the eeffects of flying on MS, I have never experienced any issues.

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This should be brought to the attention of medical professionals pronto. Whether or not it's related to Copaxone, chest pain should always be taken seriously.
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