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heat intolerance

hello :)
I have heard about heat interlance and MS, I havent really noticed exacerbation of my symptoms while hot... lol :p
i really loooove the sauna,sun bathing, hot showers and working out!... is that bad for MS?  can it make  it worse?  or if im not experiencing symptoms is it ok? does anyone else still do these hot activities.??   haha  thanks!
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Hi, we haven't seen much of you.  I'm gald you haven't had to suffer the problems with heat.  But, the bad news is that "anyone" with MS is at risk for severe side effects if they get overheated.  The hottubs and sauna are worst, but it is quite possible to become overheated sunbathing on a hot day or exercising in the heat.

You run a risk of bringing on some bad symptoms if you let your body temperature rise much, even if you are not having much in the way of symptoms.  I gather you have allowed yourself to get hot and have not suffered any consequences.  All I can say is that you are running a risk.

Now for the most part, the symptoms that happen when a person with MS is overheated usually go away when they cool down.  However, in some people those symptoms can be permanent or lead to a prolonged relapse like happened to Sarahsmom..  That is the main reason the doctors stopped doing the "hot bath test" to help diagnose MS.  A few people developed permanent problems - one report was of a permanent paralysis.

So I would hope that no one would tell you it is okay as long as it doesn't affect you.  It is always a risk.  Then you make up your own mind how much you want to take that risk.

I certtainly don't do these activities anymore - except for short, hot showers.  Anyone else?

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I have not been able to sit in a sauna or hot tub for years...and oh how I miss them.  If I were to get into either I would be terribly sick.  I found this out the hard way after a workout a few years ago. I thought it would be nice to sit in the sauna.  After about 10 minutes I began to feel very dizzy and nauseated.  I decided to get out and by the time I got to my car I was feeling heavily fatigued and out of it.  I ended up in bed for three days after.  Needless to say, I never got back in anything hot other than a shower!
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I am the same, I did not realize that having the hot showers was affecting me, though i could not understand why i always felt so bad after a shower, until one day our electricity went out and i had to have a cool shower, and i felt better, without the hot water, it suddenly clicked, the hot water was the problem,

I now stay out of the hot tub too, those days have gone for me,

so I am with Quix on this one,


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