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Yet another thing to live with:

The itching is unbearable at times. Does anyone else have a spot that you could cratch until it bleeds? there is not a spot or a rash to explain it.

Do not think I will be on the list to try any oral meds. This is a little scary for me. Reminds me of the commercials you see on TV with the list of side effects as long as your arm and the list of benefits that do not outweigh them. I will wait.

Ever hear of Amy Clawsen????? She is doing a benefit in Oregon for MS. Well guys she is from the town I teach in and she is a great country music artist so look for her on utube. Oh and by the way she too has MS.

Still don't want to talk about it. It drives me crazy. Did I mention i forgot to tag my car and got a ticket. That is not the worst of it. I went to the revenue office to buy the tags and waked out without doing it. I now write things in my daily planner so I do not forget and mark them off as they are completed.

My daughter told the police officer what I had, I could have killed her on the spot but was afraid of jail time LOL.

I have not told my new boss what autoimmune disorder I have just that I have one and am being treated.

got a call from my neorologist to come see her on friday, we need to talk.

I write like I think in broken scentences. My friend says I am at the next place before I leave the last one. HMMMM>

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As far as itching, lotions, potions and creams were of no use to me.  When they put me on Tegretol for the the TN, the itching stopped.  So antiseizure (membrane stabilizers) seem to stop the itch.

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Thanks for the info. I am on topamax now 100mg daily for the pain but the itch has not improved maybe that needs to change because I still feel the ice pick jabbing in my ears.

thanks again,

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I have had a problem with itching on my left had for the past 3 years now. It was so bad in Feb. of this year that I finally went to urgent care to see if somebody could help me.
I scratched my hand on anything that was rough. It hurt and felt great at the same time.
I was told it was excema, dermatitis, allergies... and so on... No cream or antibiotic or prescription for itch cream would work. Finally, prednisone.. cleared it up..

I still get the itch, mostly when my hand is hot, or when I am nervous. It itches alot after I give my kids a bath or doing dishes. All summer long (heat).
I too, get that stabbing pain along the side of my face, it lasts for a quick couple seconds and then its gone, it happened three times today. Ouch!
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I get that unbearable itching also. I don't take any oral medicines for it, but have found that if I rub castor oil onto my skin regularly it relieves the itching immensley.  I hope this can help someone else also.
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I might try the castor oil thing. I talked to the doctor about it when I went in. She put me on neurontin and Provigil for the fatigue So far I have seen some response from both. I start to get really sleepy about this time every night (6:30pm). The neurontin helps at night I have slept better than I have in a long time.  The ear pain , well , I don't think that is gonna get better. It is just there.

Thanks for all your responses.

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The tops of my feet itch quite a bit.  I have one on the top of my right that is scabbed up.  It itches so bad that I itch down through a couple layers of skin until it bleeds.  I wake up in the middle of the night and itch until it bleeds.  Keep forgetting to tell my doctor about it.

Just another symptom we have in common I'm afraid.

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I got a prescription for Lidocaine from my doctor. It is the best relief I have found. Just a small amount, before bed or when I'm really uncomfortable, starts to work in a few minutes and I can sleep at night , though sometimes I have to reapply it after 3 or 4 hours. I find that the severe itching will let up about 5:00AM.  Then the whole severe itching syndrome starts again as evening approaches. I do use ice packs whenever I can even if I don't feel  symptoms; it seem to keep the nerves calmer. This is a horrible, horrible condition. Sharing our coping experiences is very helpful.
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Just know this post is 5 years old. Feel free to start your own post.


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