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major surgery and ms

I've tried to look through old posts and could only find one that talks about this. The post unfortunately doesn't say too much.

Anyway, does anyone have an opinion or know any info on what major surgery can do to ms?  Besides all of the normal dangers of surgery, does it pose a risk to an increase in relapse possibility?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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Hi Laura - I have had spinal surgery and a hip replacement while (unknowingly) having MS. One was general anesthesia and the other was local. Neither surgery was complicated by, or exacerbated, my MS.

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Hi Laura, I had a hysterectomy last October.  I didn't experience any relapses.  However, my legs are very spastic/tight - and I had to make sure to get up and walk around, or my legs would get worse and more tight from lack of moving around.  

I think my neuro stopped my Copaxone for about 2 wks. Which was nice to take a break from it.

I don't think you will have any problems with the surgery related to your MS.

Good luck,
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Sorry for mangling your handle!!! At least I got the first part of it right.

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I've had it both ways.  In Feb 2010, I my gallbladder removed.  No relapse.  Then in Dec 2012 following mid-foot fusion surgery, I had a relapse.  

I hope yours goes well...
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Thanks for your responses. I'm having a hysterectomy done in a couple of weeks. It is necessary, so no matter what people respond, I'm having it done regardless.  I was just curious as to what people have experienced.

Thanks for the comments.  I've already had one surgery this past May with no problems, but it wasn't major surgery like this.

I will try and change my wording in my search.

Thanks again!
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Hi, Audrey!

Quite a coincidence, our posting together. There are lots of others on here who have gone thru surgery without MS mishap.

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If you research this you will find a great deal of conflicting info. But anecdotally, many MSers report no trouble with surgery and symptoms. I am one.

Almost 2 years ago I suffered injuries that meant 3 fractures of my right ankle, surgery, rehab, and lots of physical therapy and recovery time. In some ways the damage is permanent, but nevertheless I needed the surgery or I wouldn't be walking now.

So my recommendation is that if surgery is necessary, then it is. No point in worrying about possible fallout in that situation. You will find many MS patients who have not suffered a relapse due to surgery, and we have discussed that quite a few times in the 5 years I have been on the forum. Try changing your search terms a bit to find these posts.

Good luck to you.

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HVAC and Essipidity come to mind in terms of surgeries...maybe they can give you some insight.

HVAC's surgery was major abdominal surgery to remove cancerous growths and Ess had orthopedic surgery for a badly broken ankle, if I recall correctly.

If its not too personal, what type of surgery is being planned? This might help with responses.
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