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meniere's disease?

Hi all who remember me and hi to all who are new on here.

Just popping back in to say hi, and that still got the fibro and MPS but am mentally coping alot better and dispite the pain am getting out and about and even though a single mum of three young children still god is working greatly in our life and i have faith one day me and my husband will be reunited.

I have had ENT problems for ages, tinnitus, hearing lost, pressure in ears like when you on a plane and recent bout of vertigo which i am getting over with Betahistine 8mg 2 3 times a day.

Dr says its meniere's disease or symdrone as some call it, and i am due to see my E.N.T consultant on 2nd of feb so am hoping he will shed some light on this, i've read its abit like the fibro you have attacks of it and noone knows alot about it and why it happens...oh wait i'm sure i've heard this before lol trust me to go get another condition that noone has a clue already got two!! just got to be greedy i guess.

anyway got to go room spinning and all for the wrong reason not being drunk lol

hope someone can help or give some advise.

take care all

Samantha p.s love to Doni,Quix,heather,lynn,and all my old pals too many to list.

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Hi Sweety,

So glad to see you here, and reading that you have been out and about - I'm so happy to hear that.

I'm so sorry you are suffering w/the vertigo and possible meniere's on top of everything you already have to contend with on a day-to-day basis.

I hope the ENT is thorough and checks all that needs to be checked for a proper diagnosis.  From what I understand there are several procedures and a detailed history and exam too, balance tests, MRIs, etc.

Sending love and prayers back to you,

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Hi Sam!!

It's so good to see you on the forum, I miss you terribly!!!

Well, another problem, huh?  I think it's about time for you to have good things happen, sweetheart!!

I am glad that you are getting out an about more, I know how hard it was for you when you were having to stay in bed.  I hope the girls are doing well, too.  I'm sure they are happy that their mum is getting around better.

I'll be praying about your upcoming appt and that they can help with this new problem.

Take care my friend, you know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love & Hugs,
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Hi hun, great to hear form you, i was booked in back in summer for a balance test after seeing the E.N.T but no one contacted me and when i was due to go back in August last year i was too ill from my fibro so had to get re-refered to go back in Feb i failed the hearing test and had ringing in my ears and balance problems since then i've had pressure in boths ears and painfull popping and bubbling like in a plane or like having water in your ear after swimming, this is the first full bout of vertigo i've had thats left me not being able to even get out of bed without the room spinning but since i got the medication it has eased slightly and i can sit up in bed now and walk to the toilet.

I've had a C.T of head and was called back after that and was ment to do the balance test to do with putting water in your ear or something but like i said never did it and still have not i'm hoping they still got all my stuff on record and i wont have to do too many tests when i go, i also hope this vertigo wont come back too often i've heard this is a progressive disorder but can depend on the individial as too how fast it gets bad but only to the point of all the sx becoming permant which is true for my ringing in the ears but the pressure and vertigo is recent so i' hoping that can be controlled with medication and i know there not uch they can do about the hearing loss but that is very slow.


So great to hear from you too hun.

How has the neuro appointment gone? i know you put it off till Jan cause of cost, i know the brain MRI did not sure anything but you were hoping they would do a spine MRI just wondered if that has happened yet?

I'm used to new illnesses and i am so confident in God at the moment it is all good for sure.

Pleased i'm getting out and about church and other things all mostly in my wheelchair still but at least i am out.

Am getting an adapted mobility car soon adapted from steering wheel so i dont have to use driving pedals and has hoist in boot so i can get my sccoter and wheelchair in and out.

I am on higher mobility rate so all i do is give up that part of the mobility i stil keep the care componant and they give you a brand new high spec car adapted to your needs, insured,tax and road cover tyres ,maintenace all for the £46.75 a week amazing i think and will get out driving again, cant wait so excited.

anyway email me and let me know how your doing hun.

Love sam xx

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Hi there, it's nice to hear from you.... I too have been having bad spells with Vertigo again... still I'm not yet Dx...going to the MS specialist again next week..

Had a full spinal MRI today....and I asked if they saw any lesions...they said NO... and they will send the report to the MS clinic..? so.. I guess I don't have to wonder what they will say...

I don't have any advise except to rest when you can with this Vertigo... I get it every couple of days and it can be very tiring..

take care and nice to hear from you

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Hi Hun,

Thanks for replying, nice to hear from you too.

They say the vertigo is prob meniere's disease caused by fluid in the inner ear that causes the vertigo, i already have the ringing in the ears the painfull popping and pressure feeling and hearing lost so the vertigo is another sx of this disease, i have to see the E.N.T on the 2nd of FEB and have a ENG test booked ( balance test) on the 31st of March.

I had all the MRI.brain and spine and pelvis, and LP and they found nothing but disk problems. So they said i have fibro which is a disorder of the CNS that just doesnt show up on the MRI, i'm crippled by it and have all the sx of MS r sided weakness, twisted pelvis due to back muscle spsams, full body spsams, cognitive problems, numb patches, sentivtive to temperture, hearing lost and problems,stomach problems.
maybe it is fibro maybe i am the 5% that shows no lession but i dont know really i just go along with what the dr and rheumy say, somedays i get frustrated and think there must be something they can do and look how bad i've got and worry where i'll be in another two years, its hard being a single mum being illbut i have faith things will be fine.

Have you had a brain MRI? and what sx do you have and how long for? have they ever said to you that you might have fibro.

sam xx
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I'm still not Dx...going to a MS specialist for the past 6 months.. having more MRIs..just had full spine...VEP.. bladder ultrasound... taking iron pills, folic acid pill... B12 shots... to see if it would help...all the specialist suggestions...

my symptoms are steadily getting worse... I'm alot worse then a year ago and worse then that previous year...can't imagine what I'll be like in another year?  they tested me for fibro...said I don't have the spots for that??  

no Dx yet..I see the MS specialist next Wed to get results  of the last few tests I have done...and see what my next step is?  

nice to hear from you...hang in there...stay in touch more often..

take care
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Hi Hun,

saw your post last on your vertigo spells i agree that its not an inner problem and def neuro thank God your neuro still keeps you on why the tests still come back negative so he must feel its MS or neuro based and you just must be in the bracket of 1 in 20 who have MS but no lessions or lessions to come i dont know.

Keep on my love and i pray you will get a dx soon.

love sam
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