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questions and more questions

I flew with my daughter to deliver her to her father for his six week visit and have some symptom related questions for you all.  I have flown many times and as I get older ( I am 36) the symptoms and recovery time seem to get longer and symptoms more interesting.)  We started out MOnday morning at five am.  and I got back yesterday at 6pm.

I went to bed at nine and slept until noon. I am still tired.

  I went from WV to Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Dallas from Dallas to New York to Pittsburg back to WV again.

I love to fly.  However when I got to Dallas the poor TSA agent asked me how much I had to drink.  I could not come up with what I wanted to tell him as I needed to check in as I had to go from love field to Dallas fort worth.  Than I had to go into the full body scan machine and I got dizzy.  I feel like my brain decides not to function right at times. I do not know how else to describe it. It is like when I am tired my body shuts off and goes into auto pilot.  

Last night when I was on the way home My legs were so pin and needles that they hurt!! My hands and wrists were the same and my hands were twitchy and my shoulder on on side.  I was dizzy when I woke up and had a headache.  Does anybody else have issues with flying?
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I also seem to not be able to hold a thought In my head lately.  When I went to get out of the car and once out of the plane my legs did not seem to want to work.  Once I actually fell on my bum. It is all so frustrating.  
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At this moment as I am sitting here my toes on my right side (mainly big toe is burning(like it fell asleep) I am not sure how to describe it. I thought it was due to sitting so long yesterday but it would not be here today I would think.  

There is something else I wanted to mention but when I go to post I forget it.  I will think of it later as usual...LOL
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Hi there,

I'm not sure what type of time frame it would take to do all the travelling via air, to get your daughter to her dad and then get you back home again but it seems like a lot of travelling and mucking around for anyone to me. I'm not sure flying is a particular problem for MSers, well beyond the typically issues of fatigue from too much activity, possibly heat exposure issues, the changing air pressure could probably trigger TN but i'm not aware that flying is any different than any other form of travelling...

Hope that helps...JJ
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Both of my major flares were after flying :( However, when I asked the neurologist, she felt the it was coincidence. I've flown since without any flare up, too, so I guess I'm inclined to believe her.

Does travel stress you? The cause could be ore related to that. I've wondered that for myself...

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