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sjogren's connection

I have been lurking on this forum for several months now while I try to figure out if my symptoms are MS related.  After lots of testing and research I now think that what I have is sjogren's syndrome which can show VERY similar symptoms to MS, but is not as well known as MS.  In my case it has effected my nervous system with tingling/numbness, etc. and also inflammed blood vessels, but many of the things I've read about MS can appear with sjogren's as well (fatigue, balance, optic neuritis) .  
  Since many doctors are just now becoming familiar with this disease it doesn't seem to be well known by many of us.  It normally shows through dry mouth/eyes, but not always.
  I just thought that posting this may open up some new avenues for those still in limboland or those who can't figure out where their symptoms lead.
  It can be hereditary and my dad has it, I also tested positive for SSA which is one of the sjogren's indicators.  It is an autoimmune disease so it can affect many parts of the body, or so I've read.
  I hope this will help someone along the way.

Quix, have you heard of this?  I'd like to know your opinion.  I haven't been officially diagnosed.  I see my rheumy this month.

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We've discussed Sjogrens on this forum many times and how similar it is to MS once it does go into the nervous system. There is only a few autoimmune disease that can leave lesions in the spine and Sjogrens is one of them.

My mother has Sjogrens so I know exactly what you mean when you say that a lot of people don't know about the disease but I do believe that some doctors are gaining some knowledge about it. I've had to explain Sjogrens to doctors, as well as my mother.

As far as the testing for Sjogrens, some people can even test negative for the blood test as well, and still have Sjogrens, which is what happened in my mother's case. A lip biopsy can tell and give a guaranteed result of whether you have Sjogrens or not. The signs on the lip biopsy is...lymphocyte infiltration, and chronic inflammation in the salivary glands.

I think a few of our members have Sjogrens as well.
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Hi  Karen and Welcome!

I was told I had Sjogren's for 12 years due to my presenting symptoms. My labs were always negative though. Saw a new neuro who sent me to a new rheymy and he ordered a lip biopsy. The biopsy ruled out Sjogrens. I have sicca complex and MS. I have the dry eyes (very) and dry mouth. I also have arthralgias which was finally determined to be caused by hypermobile joints (I'm still super flexible and past 50).

Be sure they do complete testing including a lip biopsy if necessary so that you receive a proper diagnosis.

Best of luck,
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