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woke up in hospital

I woke up in icu 6 days ago and was released today. My neighbour found me unresponsive on the ground in my apt. I was on life support for two days before I woke up. To say the least I was very confused.

They think I hhad a seizure because I had one in the ambulance and didn't know why else I was like that. They gave me narcan (or whatever it is called) in case it was an overdose, but when I failed to revive immediately they knew it wasn't that.

My neurologist said some people with ms do have seizures so it could have been that. Personally I think I fell, but that doesn't explain the life support machine.

Very scary but thought I would share the story with you. It just shows that you never know when your time is up. Try and make the most of it.

All the best,

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Oh, Barb! How terrifying. I'm so happy your neighbour was able to get help for you. Is your medical team keeping a close eye on you and working to get to the bottom of it? I hope so! So grateful you're able to update us.
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How incredibly scary, I'm so glad you are ok!!  I hope that was your one and only experience like that, thank goodness for your neighbor!  

take care and stay in touch!!

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Barb, how awful. Are they still analyzing things to try to determine what happened? And does this neighbor or anyone else look in on you regularly? Possibly you could arrange to have one of those medic alert systems keep tabs on you.

I know seizures occur in MS patients, but I'm fairly sure this is not more often than in the general population, so MS would not be an obvious culprit.

Please do keep us posted.
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Barb, I'm so grateful your neighbour found you.  WHat a scary and surreal experience that must have been.  So glad you're okay, and agree with Ess .. are you being checked for seizures?  
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I have an eeg and mri on friday so that is great!

My parents cleaned and organized my apt while I was in the hospital and we are going to mmake some changes. I have an amazing team and I remember my personal doc sitting beside the bed one of the times I woke up. She asked me what happened and I barely knew where I was lol.

So surreal and scary! I can hardly believe it and my poor parents. My mom said at one time she lost count at 6 machines and two needles in my arm!

I willl keep you all posted and thanks for the thoughts. Hugs,

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Holy cow barb HUGS!

Someone was definitely looking out for you.....seizures are definitely one of the rare symptom in MS (4-7%), there is an association with some of the DMD's and balcofen withdrawl and over dose but still generally seizure most definitely don't usually have you fighting for your life and put you on life support, that's really rare for people with dx epileptic seizures even when the cause in unknown, something is just not sitting right with seizure being the answer of what happened to you...

$h!th girl how are you doing, are you okay?

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Hi Barb,
That must have been so scary,  thank goodness for the neighbour,  I do hope you'll be ok. Take care. T
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Holy crap, that had to be unbelievably surreal to wake up like that and bless your neighbor. Many hugs my friend. :)

So sorry that you are having to deal with this and I hope the testing will help them determine for sure what happened.

That is a lot to go through, please take care.

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Oh my, I am sorry to hear of this happening to you. How scary that must have been.  

I pray they can get to the bottom of all of this and soon.  I am glad to hear you say you have a good support team.

Please, as has already been posted, take care and keep us updated.  
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I am so sorry that I just saw this, Barb! Gentles hugs to you. How terrifying!!! Please do keep us posted as you learn more, and thank you for sharing with us here.

Thinking of you!
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I am glad your neighbor found you. That is so scary.

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Whoah! How terrifying must that have been for you Barb! I'm so shocked, I really hope they work out what happened with you, not a nice experience. I'm glad you seem to be being looked after well by the medical team and your family.

Winging hugs your way xx

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Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It still seems like a dream to me and I am noticing some cognitive difficulties but that is not new to me. Just seems a bit more pronounced.

Tmrw are my tests at the. Hospital and hopefully we will know more soon. Will keep you posted and take care of yourselves,

Take care of yourself
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Please let us know how you get on and don't forget (no pun intended) to mention the new cognitive issues you're experiencing!

Be kind to your self.....JJ
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Barb, how are things going? This is just shocking. I hope you are doing better and that you have checks and balances in place. Thinking  of you and hoping things are looking up for you. Hugs, JdC
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Hello everyone : ) I am feeling a lot stronger but still notice the cognitive problems. Maybe some more damage was done.

On friday I see my neurologist and sshe will have my test results, so we will know more then. I will let you all know how things go.

All the bbest,
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Glad you are regaining your strength! I felt like the cognitive stuff took the longest to come around. Hopefully you notice improvements over time.

Good luck on Friday! Let us know what you learn. Sending positive thoughts your way!

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Glad you gave an update, i've been wondering how you were doing and it's great to hear your feeling stronger, try not to fret too much about the cognitive stuff yet.....non MS people i know who've been on life support, were all told to expect it to take around 8 weeks before they'd start to feel more like their old self because of all the meds they had whilst on life support.

Give it time babe, you been through a huge ordeal even if you don't remember much of it, what ever happened was big enough to shut down vital organs right....one day at a time babe, one day at a time!

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I am. Getting my tysabri infusion now and just got off the phone. With my neurologist office.

Apparently she will not be in the office on Friday and haad to cancel my appointment. The earliest I could get an appointment was July 11th.

So there won't be an update until then unless I hear of anything. I will keep you posted. You guys and gals are awesome, luv ya xoxo,

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