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Headaches everyday for two weeks straight what do I do?

I have mild muscular dystrophy type lymgurtle and the sub type is unknown, I am 16 years old and just finished the tenth grade. I was diagnosed with this disease when I was in grade 4 around 10 years old and I had a biopsy when I was 14 years old that basically told me it was a really rare sub type and they have no clue what my life will look like. So I’ve been getting a lot weaker throughout my life since diagnosed and it’s rly hard for me, my type affects more upper arms hips and hands and not as much legs but they’re still affected. It’s hard for me to write notes down or to study for classes. I can’t play sports I tried rugby, I tore ligaments in my ankle and had to have a cast for four weeks. That was really hard for me because I was always an active kid and I don’t like people helping me in situations I like figuring things out for myself and getting things done myself. So I couldn’t play sports and then my hands started really hurting so I had to bring a computer to class everyday which was hard because of course everyone starred at me. And I was recently diagnosed with add and I was put on a medication called concerta which really helped me focus in class and get work done but it stated giveing me heart palpitations and making me shake and I got headaches and really high blood pressure. I went to my doctor and we stopped the medication for a while and everything got worse my blood pressure everyday was 144 over 110 and I would shake all the time and get heart palpitations so they said that the medication didn’t cause anything and that all this wasn’t from the medication. So I was put back on the medication and nothing changed except that I could somewhat focus more when I wasn’t shaking. So now I am out of school I just finished all my exams trying to study with a headache every day for exams. I finished my last exam two days ago and I still have the headaches and really high blood pressure. My headeces are located at the sides of my head and everytime I move or walk I feel like I can feel my brain moving in side my head. I have no clue what to do I’ve tried icing it, not using my phone or any electronics and being in a dark room but nothing has helped I have no clue what this is from or how to fix it. Please help.
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I'm not sure on what to tell you but keep trying stay strong and god bless to you honey!!
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