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Does anybody sing or play and instrument and are you currently in a band or doing solo work?
Or maybe not now, but have you in the past?
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  Hey Drifter I am breeytoo here, I use to be aheart but haven't been here in a long time and couldn't get back on as aheart. So anyway, how the hell are you? How is your Mom? You guys doing okay? Do you still have your beautiful dogs? I am sorry you broke you hand!! I know that hurts! And takes awhile to heal too. Do you have a cast on it? I got a new place with my son and his girl, its got a big yard for Rusty and a huge garage for my son Mike's business. He sells used computer and various other items, he does pretty good. I am on Social Security now so I only have that coming in, but its enough for me, I help Mike alittle bit and have enough to get my smokes and stuff. I got my W2 today so I'm going to do those tomorrow.
Hey if its hard for you or something you don't have to write back, I'm just sayin Hi.
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yes then i broke my hand :(
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