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delivery on subutex

I'm not sure if i am asking this question in the right forum, i have already corrosponded with the addiction expert, but was ultimatley looking for some answers regarding anesthesia and pain relief during labor while on subutex.  as well as any info on any babies you may have seen come through NICU due to subutex.  i have been told that though there has not been a lot of research done on the effects of the drug, that it is better to stay on it through out preg, and the risk of withdrawls in infants ranges from 20-90%!  do you have any info on this or ability to use pain management during labor while taking subutex?  or a place i can go to ask a anesthesioligist?
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Like all pain medications, the issue of how much medication to use and how long to use it during pregnancy is a judgment between the risks and benefits for both the mother and the baby.  Although there are risks associated with subutex (buprenorphine) use, continued use may still be the right course for certain women.  This requires an open discussion between you and your Obstetrician or Perinatologist.

I do not have any personal experience with withdrawal effects in newborn infants, although they have been reported.  Most sources indicate that mothers should not breastfeed if they are on high doses of subutex, although this againj should be an individualized decision between you and your physicians.
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i'm sorry i also forgot about asking about breastfeeding on subutex?

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