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Is this Syncope, hypotension, or something else?

Hi, my  name is Madison. I am 17, almost 18 years old. I have had this problem since i was like 13, and just dealt with it my whole life until now i want to know whats going on. One day i was walking to the bathroom, home alone and i felt fine at first, until halfway to the bathroom I stretched my back with my arms up and towards behind me, and then all the sudden i fell (like a syncope). A couple seconds went by and i came to consciousness and got up. I felt fine except my head was throbbing, like i didnt feel where i dropped, it pounded from the inside of my head. Now ever since that momment i will have these episodes where it doesnt matter if im sitting, standing, etc it happens a lot. For instance, i was sitting down all the sudden i felt hot. I started cold sweating, i kind of started to panic because i was sitting i didn't know what to do. When this happens my first instinct is to go outside because usually, fresh air helps (but it has happened outside too). Oh, and nausea accompanies the cold sweats as well but only rarely do i actually puke. So i got up and as im walking to the door i saw little black dots from the outer corners of each of my eyes, flooding into the center like tunneling but in particles. I put my hand on the doorknob but it was too late. each of these episodes, as soon as i see those dots i know when they get to the center I will already have lost consciousness. That is exactly what happened. Usually, my first instinct is to get to the ground so if i do pass out i dont hit my head, however when i do that it usually passes and i dont faint. Every time i wake up within a couple seconds, and my head just pounds for a minute or so and then i feel normal. I just dont understand why it happens frequently. I have never had any problems before i stretched my back. I know i need to get this checked out by a doctor i am going to do that i just want to see what my options may be so i have something to describe my problem better with. Thank you!
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I forgot to mention. my family has a history of dementia on my dads side, but only my grandma. My dad has had an anurisim when i was little but recovered from that.
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