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20 year old with horrible symptoms, can't last much longer

All these problems sort of began 2 years ago when I was 18. The first symptoms I noticed were fatigue, no libido, chronic insomnia, ED and testicular shrinkage. Then I started having constant sharp pain, burning, stinging in both my feet, calfs, knee (mostly right leg). I started noticing peeing and bowel movement was becoming difficult (trouble starting, frequency). Then started having testicular pain and sharp pain in the rectum (Urologist diagnosed rectum pain as pelvic floor problem and physical therapy has been helping the rectum pain only). At first they suspected I had low testosterone but now my levels are 700 and all my blood tests are normal. I have had MRI of brain, thoracic, sacrum, and lumbar. Only thing that showed up was L5-S1 degenerative disk disease and slight S1 compression but neurologists said it can't cause these symptoms. I have had urine test which was clean. Been to several neurologist, urologists, psychologists they are mostly clueless and hoping physical therapy will magically take care of symptoms but I don't think something making me feel so weak and in pain can be fixed by physical therapy? I feel so bad and in pain I stay home all day and had to drop out of college. I feel hopeless, how do I get better? I have chronic fatigue, chronic insomnia, stinging pain/burning (head, testicules, feet, legs, kee, rectum), sexual dysfunction (can't orgasm or maintain erection), shrunken testes, no libido. Everything is just painful, feels delayed, not enjoyable. I don't know how to explain it more than that.
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This might sound far-fetched but try deeply researching Lyme disease. Many people think it's just joint pain and flu-like symptoms but it's not. I went thru 2 yrs of he** and 14 doctors in 2 years for all sorts of bizarre symptoms. Finally, I figured it out via info from the internet. It was necessary to find a Lyme specialist and get treated with long-term antibiotics. Good Luck. Hope you get some answers.
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I'm guessing that because you've already had so many tests done, that they have ruled out diabetes, anxiety, depression...
Those three things can cause those symptoms.

Could also "possibly be" your diet.
If you drink a lot of alcohol,or have severe allergies...*grasping at straws*.
Chronic fatigue syndrome...

Sorry...wish I could be of more help.

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