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33 with dizziness body pain hightened emotions and vision issues

i have been told i have fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress, a syrinx, then that the syrinx is too small,
i have been a different person for three years now. i give up on feeling better, if i didnt have kids i would not go on any more, i am confused, and stupid all the time, im in pain all the time, my kidneys and everything else dont work like they should stomach pain, and 10 days without going. double vision, dizziness, eye pain, fatigure balance problems, running my hand in door knobs ramming fork into teeth, hitting cheeks when i hug at church, i am seriously just a worthless person physically its a good thing i am funny and kinda cute, lol, or else ppl surely just dig a hole in the back yard, ive been passed from dr to dr, no one has helped me get disability, even the word overwhelms me, and how and where do i even start, ive cried to all that im worried that im sick that i havent worked in over two years, that im going broke fast, but .. as i said, now im going to see someone for post traumatic stress. on tuesday. thats a new one yeah, i guess i am, pretty pissed off to be living this way so i give it a try.
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Jen - Where are you?  Could you have been exposed to Lyme Disease?  It's in every state in the country, but doctors tend to be unfamiliar with the later stage symptoms. That terrible feeling of losing oneself, along with so many different and strange symptoms is very familiar to me. Every one of your symptoms could be caused by Lyme.

Check out this document as it gives an overview.  It is intended for doctors, but it gives a thorough symptom list a few pages down.  

If you think you might have it, you'll want to find a LLMD, a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who is familiar with the disease and knows how to make a clinical diagnosis.  Unfortunately, many doctors also think that blood tests are perfect, which they are not.  Many people have suffered unnecessarily for years because they tested negative and then were told they didn't have it.

It's also controversial among doctors with Infect. disease docs saying a month of abx will cure you and remaining symptoms are your immune systemoverreacting, and LLMDs saying we'll treat you until your symptoms are gone.  

You can come to the Lyme forum to learn more.  It's a far more varied and serious disease than most people realize.
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Hi Jen,

What kind of tests have you done so far?  If you haven't already, I would suggest finding a neuro and having an MRI of the brain and spine.
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