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A lot of neurological symptoms, and looking for answers

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.  I want to give the progression of my symptoms.  I've already had a brain MRI that did have some findings but non specific diagnosis.  I have an appointment with neurology this week finally but just looking for support I suppose.  

So I have diagnosed anxiety disorder. It had been under control.  We moved to where we live now two years ago.  About 6 months into living here I started getting these bouts of vertigo at night time.  Nothing crazy just a little dizzy.  I was extremely fatigued as well which I chalked up to my thalasemia so I'm always on the fatigued side.  
Progressively as time went on I'd get these panic attacks caused by a feeling I could not describe which later I would discover was depersonalization.  Working with my psychiatrist we were trying the best route thinking that maybe all of this is psychological.  Until I started having extreme neuro symptoms and discovered I was being exposed to toxicity.  So symptom wise, this all progressed to daily vertigo, extreme anxiety, tinitus followed by hearing loss for short periods of time, extreme brain fog, unable to cognitively think of things (for example looking at a bag of candy and knowing it's candy but not comprehending what type of candy it is)  Then numbness and tingling in my face, sometimes in my hands and legs, then these brain zaps very intermitten which would immediately set off panic in me, followed by feeling like i just got off a roller coaster.  So I begged my doctor for help, finally they ordered a brain MRI which had non specific findings of some type of bright white flair and foci matter in the frontal lobes and a T2 flair?  (I have no idea what that means) and some subcortical space or a cyst.  So it gave a host of possibilities but recommending I see a neurologist which is my next step this Friday.

We found out we had black mold infestation and fungal colonies in our home and in our hvac system.  I mean to extreme numbers.  We are currently not staying there anymore but I was working from home and was hyper exposed for the two years there.  
I'm a healthy 30 year old, certified trainer, eat well...  In the past 6 months I have had maybe 4 good days.  Every day is a struggle, I had to stop work, and I push myself to function but I feel like i'm on the edge of a complete meltdown because every day feels like i'm sleep walking in a dream due to all these symptoms.  
Just looking to see if anyone has experienced any of this and if so, best questions I can ask this neurologist/ any natural ease with ANY of these symptoms.
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I forgot to mention as well we did some cognitive testing and I also have some memory issues.  
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