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ACC + reduced white matter

My daughter born on july 6th 2007 has Agenesis of corpus collosum. An MRI done on her says she has reduced white matter.But she does not have any syndrome her chromosome test is normal. An opthamologist tested her eyes and found she has a mild cataract but her optic nerves are ok and her retina is fine.
I would like to know what is reduced white matter and how will it affect my child? And also looking at her other issues  what would be her prognosis?
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I understand your situation.
Reduced white matter indicates that she has got white matter degeneration. White matter in brain is involved with motor functions of body. Hence, child who has got Agenesis of corpus collosum would have to be assisted for all her routine work.
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Thanks for the qick response. Here are some more details from the MRi report. Could you shed some more light into this please? We are scheduled to follow up wih the neuro in January 2008.

We did an MRI when my daughter was
> at 4+ months (a couple of weeks back). The MRI
> impression is as follows:
> Agenisis of corpus collasum with widely seperated
> lateral ventricles, colpocephaly, and high riding
> third ventricle. Reduced volume of white matter
> bilaterally in the cerebral hemispheres more marked
> than expected. No interhmepheric cysts or lipomas
> identified. No midline shift. Sulcation and
> myelination is appropriate for age. Normal flow voids are seen in the cerebral arteries and main venous sinuses.. No hemmeorage or lesions. No other gross
> abnormalities picked up.  Posterior fossa looks
> grossly normal with normal cerebellar white matter
> volume. No definite migrational anomalies idetified.
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How is your daughter now?
She would be 5 months old. Is she smiling to you? Has she gained head control? Has she suffered any seizures or any other symptoms so far?
What is the head size of child at birth? Was she born at her expected date of delivery?
The reason I am asking all this is if agenesis of corpus callosum is an isolated phenomenon, the patient may be normal, whereas patients who has other neurologic symptoms including mental retardation have associated brain anomalies.
Colpocephaly is a congenital brain abnormality in which the posterior or rear portion of the lateral cavities of the brain are larger than normal because white matter in the posterior cerebrum has failed to develop or thicken. Colpocephaly is characterized by Microcephaly (an abnormally small head) and mental retardation.
Patients in such cases are almost all females, suggesting a genetic abnormality of the X chromosome.
The MRI described is typical description of patient with Agenesis of corpus callosum.
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My daughter seems OK for now. We see her smile in her sleep very often and she smiles occasionaly at us when played with a lot physical touch. Her head control is reasonable ( she had a viral fever and was hospitalized for a few weeks - normal activity was limited during this time and she was always in bed...we suspect that has contributed a bit to her head control- she lost weight during the hospitalization and is gaining back now). She has not suffered any seizures. Head size at birth was 31 cm, 2.07KG, 36.6 week gestation. length 47 cm, apgar scores 1min -9, 5 min -9. Her chromosome test came back normal. No microcpehaly has been indiacted in her records.
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Hi ramya,
It feels nice to see your response.
Everything seems to be ok as of now.
Her head size appears to be normal, but her weight was less at birth, apgars were good.
Good that her chromosome report is normal.
Post me for any further events.
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