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Agressive Hemangioma Growths

I recently went to a neurologist to check on possible MS symptoms that I've been having for three years.  Leg weakness and numbness are a couple of my symptoms and my doctor asked me if I have a histoy of hemangiomas and she explained to me that they can be located on the spine and cut off blood supply, which may be the cause for my leg weakness and numbness.  I did have a hemangioa, which appeared within 24 hours, removed from my ribs about two years ago, but my dermatologist was not able to get it all because it had tentacled down into the rib tissue.  I also have several smaller hemangiomas on my right forearm that appeared a couple of years ago with some whitening of the skin around them.  I recently had an MRI on my cervical and thoracic spine and in the report the radiologist notes incidental hemangiomas on C2 and T9.  I am worried that they are not so "incidental" because I have several hemangiomas.  From what I've read about them, they occur mostly with middle-aged people and mostly in the thoracic and lumbar spine.  I've read that the ribs and short bones are rare places for hemangiomas to grow.  I am worried that these hemangiomas may not be benign because they seem to be spreading.  If I could get some more information to help clarify my situation, that would be wonderful.  I am a 23-year-old female.
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In 2008, I was diagnosed with hemangiomas  in my spine, near my rib cage bone, surrounding my esophagus, my heart and in anywhere there is room( thoracic region) . I had my gallbladder removed  with a hemangioma in 2007. I was seen by three oncologist from different centers.  My treatment was a small dose of chemo (vincrisitin). It is working. In a couple of weeks, I'll have more. My tumors are benign and they seem to be multiplying instead of metastasizing. I was told it isn't  cancer but I think the medical community is not 100% in agreement. I'm 45-year-old female and live in Los Angeles.
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I have had pain pain pain for years....that I keep putting off to different reasons.....thoracic pain i put off to large breasts and poor posture...etc...Now I go have an mri of lumbar/sacral and there is a report of ddd 2 bulging disc.....but also a hemangioma within the spine at L2 1.7X1.3cm......also scattered hemangiomas thoughout ls spine!!!!!
Please advise....should I ask for an MRI of whole spine? go to a neuro surgeon?im very worried this is all new to me.......lin
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I also was just diagnosed with a hemangioma in T9. All of the specialists tell me it is nothing to worry about and they blew me off when I tried to ask questions. I have had severe pain in that area that would radiate around my ribs for a couple of years now. All of a sudden as the pain progressed I am also having problems with my bowels. The ER doctor said it ws gastroparesis. My digestive system was paralized. I have been trying to do research to see if they can be related. Has anyone else had this problem? Desperately in need of more information. Doctors do not seem very interested and brush each symptom off as a minor coinsidence in the mean time I fell like I could die before they decide to listen to me.  I hope you both are doing ok by now. I noticed you sent this 2009. I hope someone still replies. I am a 43 yr old nurse and I have great experience with the body I am starting to think I see more of a connection than the doctors do. Any help or information would be greatly appriciated. Sincerely, Dar
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I hope you are doing ok these days!
I have 5 hemangioma and YES doctors do tend to brush it off until I went to a Neurologist and had a complete MRI of the spine! He wanted to send me to the chief Radiologist at University of Louisville Hospital to have radiation treatment to try and shrink them!  He said I had to have a bone density test 1st to make sure my bones where dense enough! After that I started researching....bottom line I said NO to radiation!
If your spine is weakened from radiation you could be setting yourself up for an east spine fracture, then paralysis ! I said, oh hell no!
Answer to your question...when I was researching, bowel problems can definatly be caused from these pesty tumors!
I would LOVE to chat and I hope you are doing OK? I see this was back in 2012...it is now 2021
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OMG...Just diagnosed myself with T7 hemangioma smaller one on T4 and an occult intrasacral meningocele s1-s3....Constipated... enuresis... severe, crushing rib pai.  Have you had any answers yet?/  would love to hear!
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I have a hemangioma on t7 as well.  And, "there's actually another one that the radiologist didn't see".  I am in constant crushing stabbing pain in my upper back to right side, right foot goes numb, and I cannot sleep.  ER Physician's Assistant blew me off and gave me Lyrica for "finding fibromyalgia" and said I would thank him someday and to get my life together.  I'm a MS, RN.  My life is together!  Neurosurgeon said it wouldn't cause pain and diagnosed me with polymyalgia rheumatica.  I'm going to see a neurologist in Boston Tuesday.  It's funny h I w the pain radiates right in the nerve path of t7!!  So angry!
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YES my doctor said they are usually  A symptomatic! Well NOT mine! I have pain, weakness, tingling in my feet and legs sometimes, tingling and partial numbness in my left pinky and ring finger.  I have 5 hemangiomas! 4 in T areas and one in the lumbar.
I have burning pain in my spine between my shoulder blades...weakness and occasion "charlie horses" that take my breath for a few minutes to where I have to take tiny short breathes until the charlie horse eases up!
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