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Anoxia due to cardiac arrest

My dad was taken to the ER in state of cardiac arrest following exposure to carbamate pesticide (Dupont Lannate, Mathonyl based). CPR was initiated successfully and he was put on mechanical ventilator. He was treated with Atropine till full atropinization was achieved.

After 24 hours, he started having myoclonic twitching. Those persisted for two more days and then became less frequent using anti-convulsant drugs until they disappeared around 72 hours after they first appeared. It has been 6 days since the incident. All CT scans have been normal. EEGs are normal for the most part with random high charges. All other vital signs are normal.

The doctors plan on keeping him sedated and then try to wake him up once they are sure that myoclonic twitching has subsided.

Needless to say it has been very very difficult time. My questions are:

1) Is there anything that could be done (i.e. drug) that can be used to help minimize any damage to the brain?

2) Is there anyway to assess (MRI, imaging) the extent of brain damage?

3) Have people survived such incidents with similar symptoms before? If yes, what was the outcome?

Thanks a lot
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Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear what happened.  With proper intensive care, patients have a good chance of surviving such instances.  There are drugs that are given to patient's with stroke that can help minimize damage to the remaining parts of the brain.  The drug is called citicholine, though this is used in stroke patients and I'm not sure if it well benefit pesticide poisoning patients.  Maintaining an adequate blood pressure by itself can minimize brain damage (as long as blood pressure is at or above normal).  Unfortunately, there may be no scanning technology that can reliably predict brain damage, not even MRI.  I suggest you discuss these options with his doctors.  Be strong and be patient, I believe everything will turn out well.  Regards and God bless.
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It has been 9 days now since the incident happened. My dad is still sedated. CT scans are still normal. How good of an indication a CT scan is at this stage?
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