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Brain Lesions, MS? HOW DO YOU KNOW???

Hello ! I went to my Dr,( Reg. GP) because of severe hip pain, very tight muscles around my waist, could'nt hardly bend, painful to sit as it stressed my tailbone. My muscles were so constricted, I could barley walk. I have had spasms in my lower back off & on over the last few years. While at the Dr, I told him about muscle weakness in arms, legs, tingling, ear probs, numbness in ears, hearing is muffled (ENT dr said auditory nerve inflammation, but does'nt know the cause), numb scalp, numb ears, decreased feeling thruout ,most of my body. Gastro probs, like weakness, can't feel myself go, I feel the urge, have'nt had any accidents, but numb feeling from waist down, & fatigue. He ordered an EMG, and a brain MRI. My EMG showed rt. ulnar nerve damage. (Nothing for the left arm & was surprised b/c left is weaker than rt. side) Brain MRI showed "Several punctate hyperintensities in cerebrum". My Dr said it was too soon to tell if MS or not. He suggested I see a neuro, but w/out insurance, I can't find a neuro that will see me. I would like to know, what do they mean, "Too soon to tell ?" He told me they could'nt dx, but could'nt rule it out either. I know there are several causes of lesions, but, I don't have migraines,maybe poss. high cholesterol, (he does'nt know that, nor did he ask), I did have some HBP issues a few yrs ago, but they seemed to think these lesions are "New". Does this sound like MS? I am 39 yrs old & have smoked for 20 yrs. My Dr said that the amount of lesions were unusual for my age. I am worried that this is MS. I am ok if it is, but would like to know for sure. This past summer, the heat affected me big time, I seem to get very hot very easily. I did have a bad reaction to levaquin 4 yrs ago, and I know that it can damage the CNS, although most drs won't admit, or take it seriously. Please help ! Thanks !! ( the hyperintensities were T2-flair)
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Dr. Sharma,Thank You soooo much for your response !! In the back of my mind, I know my ear problems began after the Levaquin. I also develpoed IST. However, I also was dx'd w/ a Vit. D deficiency of 20 last summer & am on 400 ius a day (was 50k ius wkly, but had a hard time w/ that dosage) I have not had my level rechecked in quite some time. It was 32 back in Sept. And, I do feel a little better as far as my energy level goes. But, I notice, if I sit too long, I nod off faily easily. That is bothersome. Is that a symptom of MS ? Also, the muscle contraction & the muscle tighness ? I can't bend side-to-side. My range of motion is definitely limited. Very painful. Nothing helps. I am in constant pain. The muscles on my sides are sooooo tight. I have even thought Myositis, maybe. Although, my creatinine levels are w/in normal range. I read w/ Dermatomyositis, the creatinine level can be "normal", so I considered that also. Is the muscle probs part of MS ? About 4 yrs ago, I also had a strange pain that came accross my shoulders, around my arms, all the way to my fingers. A very tight, sqeezing type of nerve pain. It would last just a few minutes, but would recur several times throughout the day, and several days for about a week. It was off & on for about a week, then stopped. I got them again last summer- 4 yrs. later. Does that sound like MS ? I fear I won't get a dx as I don't have insurance. If you see this, please let me know. Like I said, I am ok if that is my Dx, but would like to know , as I still have to work. WOuld like to know if there is anything I can do to ease the muscle tightness as I am in a lot of pain. Thank You !!!
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Hi there. You have several symptoms suggestive of the chronic demyelinating disorder, multiple sclerosis.  The brain MRI findings are also suggestive of MS. The onset of these multiple neurological symptoms of whole body tingling and numbness associated with headaches and dizziness need to be investigated keeping in mind the chronic demyelinating disorder of multiple sclerosis. This can be checked by ruling out diabetes, thyroid disorders and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis first as the culprit. a cerebrospinal fluid examination showing oligoclonal bands and an MRI brain for plaques as areas of demyelination in white matter of brain and electrophysiological testing would help in diagnosis. Take care.

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