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Can a patient develop neuropathy before any muscle weakness with Guillain-Barre?

I have gotten nerve pains needles in the feet..hands..at first legs now eyeball..neck..back..arms
and more severe leg pains..I was refused any blood treatment or further investigation due to lack of muscle
weakness. Doesn't the neuropathy happen first in some cases?
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According to this - https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/guillain-barre-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20362793 - weakness and tingling are the first symptoms.

Did they do any testing at all? Imaging like an MRI?
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Unexplained sensations often occur first, such as tingling in the feet or hands, or even pain (especially in children), often starting in the legs or back. Children will also show symptoms with difficulty walking and may refuse to walk. These sensations tend to disappear before the major, longer-term symptoms appear.  
No according to the "all knowing" doctor you would need to have weakness in the limbs to have GBS. They were about as helpful as a down jacket in death valley.
Perhaps you need to go for a second opinion?
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