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Cervical MRI Results

I fell from a distance up quite hard several months ago and spent a few days in the hospital.  I injured my knees, left arm, left elbow, back of head, neck, and low back.  I was had continual headaches 5/7 days.  My right foot, calf, and knee still cause me pain, numbess, and tingling.

The results of this all is pain through my shoulder blades, pain in my cervical area that limits range of motion, pain in my left forearm and elbow, pain in my low back,, radiating pain down my right leg from about my right knee through the calf and the top of foot to great toe, pain in both knees, and headaches 5 / 7 days.  

Memory loss getting worse.  More irratible.  Not sure if something new of just a worsening of my PTSD and Depression.

MRI showed torn knee cartalage which has been fixed by two surgeries.

MRI (no contrast) of low back shows a moderate bulging disk at C4 / C5 with an impinged C4 nerve root (I believe that is what is said...don't have it with).

Conservetive treatment so far on low back with PT and injections.

As time has gone by my left elbow pain is still present.  I have also been developing pain

Got my MRI results back for neck:

C2-C3: Disc height is normal. There is a tiny central disc protrusion. Facets are normal. There is no central canal or foraminal stenosis.

C4-C5: There is mild disc desiccation and loss of disc height. Mild posterior disc bulge. Mild facet arthropathy bilaterally. No significant central canal or foraminal stenosis. Ventral thecal sac is indented by the disc bulge but there is no significant mass effect on the cord or central canal stenosis.

C5-C6: Moderate disc desiccation and loss of disc height. There is mild anterior osteophyte formation. There are Modic type 2 degenerative end plate changes and end plate irregularities along the opposing end plates. Mild left-sided uncinate spurring. No significant central canal or foraminal stenosis.

C6-C7: Mild disc desiccation and loss of disc height. There is a left paracentral focal disc protrusion which effaces the left ventral aspect of the thecal sac. There is some continuity into the proximal aspect of the left foraminal zone with possible impingement of the left C7 nerve. There is mild to moderate narrowing of the proximal aspect of the left neural foramen. Right neural foramen and central canal are patent.

IMPRESSION: 1. At the C6-C7 level, there is a left paracentral disc protrusion extending 5 mm in the AP plane which effaces the left ventral aspect of the thecal sac. There is some extension into the proximal aspect of the foraminal zone with mild to moderate narrowing of the proximal aspect of the left neural foramen. Additionally, there may be mass effect upon the left C7 nerve.

If I read this correctly there are THREE disc protrusions in my cervical area.  According to the impression it seems the one he is most concerned about it C6-C7.  I think I understand how this is effecting my LEFT nerve which I assume may be the result of my left shoulder and elbow pain.

What about my right shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand pain.  It has been getting worse since the fall five months ago and yet it shows only the left root impairment.   Could the right root be impinged or irritated.  My issue with my rigth arm is much worse when I flex my head FORWARD.

What other tests might be called for?  Any reason for the right arm pain?  How about the headaches (they start in neck area, go over top of head, and end up in front it head.

How can I tell if I have a tear in the disc that is leaking fluid out?

Any help would be great!!!
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I had some facet injection done on my low back today.  While there I spoke to the MD who did the injections and who will be treating the c-spine should I NOT need surgery.  He seemed a bit concerned about the results.  He said if it gets worse at all to get in to see him right away otherwise he would see me in a couple weeks.  

We shall see.
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I had numerous questions after my MRI showed extensive problems and cord damage.  My primary doctor couldn't explain alot of my symptoms but referred me to a neurologist and neurosurgeon who helped me put a lot of the pieces together.  The problem is that the nervous system is so complicated that unexpected symptoms occur in nontypical places.  I would encourage you to ask your specialist those excellent questions.  Many of my symptoms were attributed to stress and over work until my MRI.  Please don't give up asking the questions.  I wish you the best.  kcbcouns
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