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Chronic paresthesia of face and head

This started over a month ago with having a stroke like attack, with nausea, extreme high frequency pitch noise in both ears and head, stuttering, losing my words, dizziness, and numbness in my face and head with migrating headaches ( Brain freezes)  I akin it to having a shot of Novocain in the head or being drunk. I do not drink. Trip to the Emergency room the Dr. diagnosed with Chronic Paresthesia. I have been to Neurologist , and other doctors, multiple ER visits for stroke like attacks, trying to find out what is causing this. I am still having the stroke like spells and constant face and head numbing with the noise in my head and ears. I can not walk through the grocery store without having to sit down due to dizzy spells . Neurologist said some small vessel scar tissue and thinning due to my age but other then that he thought it might be depression. I have had 4 Cat Scans , 1 with dye contrast, 1 MRI without contrast, ultrasound on main arteries in throat, Mammogram to rule out cancer ,Loads of blood work, EKG's multiple, Cat on Gall bladder to rule that out. Dr feels it is depression but did have extra gall bladder tests done to check it out. I do not know if my RLS or RS has anything to do with this but I do know the RLS has gotten worse and is now in both my arms and legs. I was shot when I was 14 and the bullet lodged against the main nerve going through my throat and was removed 2 yrs later. I am asking could these problems be from nerve damage I sustained as a teen? And can these problems be from nerve damage? I need help have any of the neurologists on this board dealt with anything like this?.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. Your symptoms may not be related to the injury as a child. The condition needs proper evaluation. The cause could be an inner ear problem with your symptoms of tinnitus and dizziness. It could also be due to a middle ear infection.  Dizziness can have different sensations.  If your dizziness feels like you are spinning or the room is spinning (and especially if associated with nausea or vomiting), this might be due to an inner ear problem. Please discuss this with your doctor. He or she might refer you to an ENT for further evaluation and treatment.  I would strongly caution you not to drive or operate heavy machinery while dizzy as you might injure yourself or others.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thank You;
They have told me I needed to see a hearing specialist for the tinnitus. It is worse here at home then it is at work as the machines drown out the noise in my ears and head at work, and I do not have the spells at work like I do here at home. They are less severe at work.  It will though have to wait till after the new year before I can get into a hearing Dr. I will talk to them about a ENT. Thank You so much for the information and the help.
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Dr. Anitha gave an excellent answer.

As far as the neurologist who is telling you your symptoms are caused from "depression, " find yourself another neuro.

Happy New Year.  
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Thank You Karen, Yes Dr. Anitha was very helpful and it makes sense. I am replacing both Drs. just have to wait till have 1st of year.
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Thank You for the help, I had an attack at work and was taken to the ER by the time I got there the attack was all but over. During the attacks my blood pressure spikes and my oxygen levels fall. The lowest my Oxygen level has been was 45 during an attack.

I did see a hearing doctor who said no inner ear infection, nor can they see any damage to the ear drum but did ask me if i had been near any explosions or any one shooting guns when it started, But i do have a slight loss of hearing in both ears. I now wear hearing aids and am taking the vitamins for the Tinnitus. He said what ever caused the Tinnitus and hearing loss has to do with what ever is going on neurologically.

I also went to a new Neurologist and right off the bat they started asking about stress, anxiety, etc because they have the records from the other Drs. and the old dr believed it was Stress, and they felt like it is Panic or anxiety attacks.

I have been unable to work since Feb. I all but insisted on EEG and tests for Lyme and other stuff. They said the tests all come back clear, So I am still suffering from the  Paresthesia and TIA like attacks and am now at a place where I have about 4 weeks to find out what is wrong and get it fixed as everything is running out on my long term. Thanks for the help you gave me.
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Get checked out for autoimmune issues. Symptoms could be from hashimotos encephalopathy. Have you ever had your thyroid antibodies checked? Tgab and tpo?
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