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Clear fluid and drainage in nose

Twice in May I suffered from concussion. The second one gave me a trip to the ER in a helicopter since they had trouble waking me up two days later. Did a CT and was told no blood and was placed on full rest for two days but ended up taking the full week off. (This is the second time I get a concussion with severe repercussion in 3 years). ON the following Monday I started work again and at the end of the day I came in the house and bent down to untight my shoe when I felt like a water balloon pop in my right nostril and then clear liquid came running down my nose. When I look in the miror I had a huge clear drop from my nose. I went about my day and then kept feeling like I had a water balloon in my nose for the next two days and when I layed back I was feeling like some drainage in my throat. When I got up I'd get a headache that went away with Tylenol and time. I noticed a small headache everytime I felt drainage. It never came back out my nose in drips but I do feel like some very runny liquid in my nose kinda like after using the hydrasense nose spray.

I went to the doctor and had a facial X-ray done to make sure there wasn't any facial breakage that could have leaked csf but the doctor said she wasn't worried since my hits were on the top of my head and not the face. ITs been a full since the drip and I still have some leaks in my nose and blew my nose often. It is allergy season but I 've never had them like with a watery drainage. I haven't heard from the doctor which normally means that all is good so what could this be. The doctor has no explanation for the popping feeling but think the discharge is just sinus drainage from my chronic sinusitis or allergies.

I don't have headache with the drainage anymore, could the leak be fixing itself? Can you have a CSF leak with no headache? Should I worry or wait and see?
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Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it. Seems better today. More tickling feeling making me sneeze. I appreciate your reply.
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  Hi, it is possible to adjust to a CSF leak if it is a small enuff of one, u would not necessarily get the HA....and it is also possible that the leak if u have one has sealed on it's own.

If u develop more drainage see ur Dr asap..same goes with positional HA;s....call ur dr asap to make sure it is not a leak.....but it sounds like mayb it is sealing  and u will not continue to have an issue.

Good luck,
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