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Clicking scalp or skull after brain surgery

So a few years ago I underwent surgery on my right parietal lobe in order to remove a cavernous angioma that had been causing seizures. By all measures the operation has ostensibly been a success. However, since then I have experienced a sharp clicking when my scalp moves (such as when I am lying down,  washing my hair, etc.). It is quite audible, although the intensity of the clicking does osculate, and has been verified by friends, so I am sure it is not mental. I can't determine whether the source is my scalp or skull but it has been four years since the surgery so I would hope the bone has fused.

My question is, could this clicking be caused by the bone flap shifting? And could this be an indication of a serious issue?
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Hi! I also recently had the same problem. Same thing, yellowish clear fluid coming out of my left nostril. This also happened several days after i recovered from colds. I really had no idea what it is and what it might cause in the long run. I don't even wanna see a doctor cause i'm afraid if he'll be able to find out serious stuff about me, which I, myself, don't even know.

Can you help me guys?
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  Hi...I too had surgery but for different reason.....I was told to do certain exercises to help keep the muscles  from getting tight....they can click when tight.....have you tried slowly to check ROM and to see if the muscle is tight.

Another possible issue could be scar tissue has formed....see your Dr and  explain your concerns..

Keep us posted as to what you find out.
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