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Constant feeling of not being my self/Possible diagnoses??

For the past 3-4 months after an overnight change which developed over a couple days, I have been chronically suffering from a very bothering feeling of NEVER being myself along with many other very serious, bothering health problems which are completely debilitating, I've come to the conclusion that the first noticeable symptom was an altered mental status combined with other symptoms. That is the most bothering thing about it, the constant feeling of never being myself. It never goes away. First of all I just want to say a few days before this change happened I came down with terrible flu-like/bad sinus infection symptoms with a terrible fever which points to a possible autoimmune encephalopathy from the research I've done, and considering I had stopped smoking marijuana for a week before this happened and the day after I took the first antibiotic for my flu/infection and smoked cannabis again on the day I got put on them the change happened.. I had multiple panic attacks everyday for weeks after the change. Some of these symptoms were already there before and got worse but most are new..

I now suffer from fits (which are basically seizures), constant vision (visual snow, surreal enviornment static vision, flashes of light, after images, etc etc) constant headaches, heart problems, erectile dysfunction, inability to take deep breath, inability to swallow, my voice has changed, constant head pressure,constant fatigue, sudden loss of hearing, loss of sense of smell (and diminished state), no sense of time, horrible morning sickness everyday (before the change as well), no balance all the time,vertigo when falling asleep, not knowing what side of the bed I'm facing when I close my eyes, limbs asleep when I wake up, hard to move when I wake up, cant opens my eyes when i wake up, weakness in legs and legs giving out when I stand up too long, day-dreaming, inability to relax, inability to pay attention, complete inability to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that I'm satisfied with, anterograde amnesia and loss of memory of the past 3 years (gradual), not knowing how i got where i am when i wake up and if i went to bed in the day or night and what happpened the day before and inability to differentiate short-term memory from long-term memory, confabulations, intense deja-vu which is surprisingly usually real in acoordination to real events that happened from my current memory and not made up by my brain even though it's hard to recognize, delusions, increase in anger and emotions and depression and anxiety (worsened dx bipolar, ocd, and gad), not knowing where I am when I wake up everyday, staying in a dream when I wake up, illusions of objects being people, objects having human-like or living creature-like motions when I move them, and so many more psychological changes. These symptoms change and vary in pain levels, some get worse and stay worse, some go away and never come back and were bad in the beginning and now I've forgot about them because they are irrelevant compared to the others so that's why some of them are not on here. Since 3 months ago I've been on a wild search to figure out what's wrong with me. After doing tons of research online, talking to dozens of doctors, staying in the hospital for a week, and getting every blood test and scan done of my brain at different places except for an MRI w/ contrast (which I may get done soon), I've been diagnosed with multiple things by different doctors: Lyme disease (it's proven) which has affected the cerebellum of my brain (still doesn't explain symptoms) , deviated septums on both sides of my nose, sunken ear drums, exploding head syndrome, Other than that the tests say all my vitamins are fine and my body is completely healthy. But that's definitely not true and nothing adds up. Lyme disease is the only thing that mildly makes sense and it affects the brain but only one part of it, the cerebellum which controls only a small amount of function unrelated to most of my symptoms. If I go online and search brain damage or more specifically BRAIN TUMOR, the types of brain tumor in every single area of the brain explain my symptoms. But for that to make sense I would have to have a brain tumor in every single area of my brain. But still right now it's all I have and an MRI w/ contrast would show a brain tumor that would be in an abnormal part of the brain that a regular MRI or CT scan wouldn't. So I am going to get that done here soon but if it doesn't show anything (which it probably won't) I am relieing on someone here to give me some better answers. I've already posted here twice and you can look at my previous posts if you want. PLEASE ask questions about things you are curious about because it is hard for me to remember all the details on the spot and I want the person who is answering to believe everything that is stated here that way they can answer to their fullest ability and use their best knowledge from my best knowledge.
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I also want to add that I am cognitvely impaired and have no coordination or muscle strength and am in constant pain in my body and get hurt every time I try to do anything physical. I have increased sensitivey to all light, sound, vibration, smell etc because I was already senssitive. Since this happened I have become increasingly psychologically distant and solate myself from people because I think they are lying to me and trying to hurt me and I hate my family mostly everybody since this happened for reasons I can not explain, other than because they don't understand me
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I understand this may be incredibly difficult to read because I typed it when I was in one of my ranty moods and it may take some time before I get a good reply but know I am still checking back here to see if someone has replied, if you are willing to answer.. Also want to add an update that I may have a dental abscess from my wisdom teeth that has spread to my eyes, ears (for sure, I know this), heart, and brain. It certainly explains some of my symptoms. I explored this option before but was not sure. Am seeing a dentist VERY soon.
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