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Diffuse Severe Degenerative changes

Having trouble understanding Cervical MRI Results. As follows:
1. Severe Diffuse Degenerative Disc Changes are Noted From the C2-3 through C7-T1 Levels Associated w/ some
    Osteophyte Formation Being Most Pronounced Anteriorly at the C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7 levels. Chronic Broad-Based
    Disc Herniations.

2. Loss of Height of Multiple Vertebral Bodies, Being Maximal at C5, C6, and C7 w/o Displacement.

3. Narrowing of the Spinal Canal From the C5-6 Through C7-T1 Levels w/o Compromise of the Spinal Cord.
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It's early, but not too early considering your symptoms, to be routinely screened for osteoporosis (a common recommendation is to screen for it in women after age 50, I think you're an exception).  

Hopefully if there's any such concern, screening will have caught it early enough that merely vit. D and calcium/magnesium supplements will prevent it from becoming full blown in ten or twenty years, else it substantially increases the risk of serious fall related damage while adding a problematic prescription bone med to your medicine shelf.

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I am 38, and female, yes. Is there a special screening for Osteoporosis? Have not any accidents. I have been suffering back & sciatic issues for years. Earlier this year I was sent to PT for 4 months of SI joint disfunction, and Vestibular Therapy. At times my back did start to get better, but then it would regress. The Vestibular & balance issues were worse, though, and got increasingly so. So much that my PT figured it'd be a waste of both our times for me to continue going with the amount of regression I would have between sessions. And that was even with doing my exercises from home.

For a while it was thought that I might have MS, but it was ruled out because the white matter on my scan was not considered significant enough. Since I have all the other symptoms, I'm in the process of being tested for Myasthenia Gravis. I failed the initial blood and Tensilon test, because the considerable strength that I've lost over the years was not helped with the injection. But I have CK level of 730, and I'm being sent for an EMG, because according to the specialist I'm seeing, "I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag, even if my life depended on it". Unfortunately that specialist is so booked, I won't be able to get in till January.

My specialist has also referred me to his Cardiologist because of other symptoms I've been having. Labored breathing going up and down stairs, burning in my chest and ribs at times. Making it feel hard to breathe. Also, I get so tired within a few hours after I've woken up, whether active or sedentary, that my limbs and neck literally start feeling too heavy for my body. I can be sitting down studying, take a sip of water, or tea, and start choking. That use to happen once in a great while, now it's happening a couple times a week.

I lose my train of thought too easily, that I have to write everything down. Even log-in info that I've had for years. I have developed what I call "Yoda"-Speak. Telling my son to put my book bag inside the laptop (just one example). Not being able to remember conversations I've had with people that I was a part of until a couple hours or days later. I apologize for all this info. I hope it wasn't an overload. But thanks for listening (in a manner of speaking).

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age? gender (female, right?)

have you been screened earlier for osteoporosis?

have you had an accident (eg. rear ended in a vehicle causing whiplash)?

have you been you suffering pain or discomfort from your neck region?
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