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Disc Protusion with indentation of thecal sac & cord

I am 26 years old. I am experiencing mild neck pain on the left side for the last 5 years which radiates to the left shoulder often. In Sep,09 I underwent MRI. the report is as follows:

C2-C3 : unremarkable
C3-C4 : There is posterior disc protusion with indentation of thecal sac and cord and mild compression of left exiting nerve root.
C4-C5 : unremarkable
C5-C6 : unremarkable
C6-C7 : unremarkable

No evidence of syrinx, tonsillar herniation or intra medullary mass lesion.

Please tell me what is it and to what extent it is bad. What should I do as my quality of life is being adversely affected.
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what is the best treatment for c3-c4 herniation, as well as c-5-c6.. I have been going to a chiro for treatment... but I have noticed that after treatment I am in a bit MORE pain.. do I need to see a neuro for further consult?
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Thnx Dr. Anurag and kay290 for your kind guidance.

Pain and stiffness is only on the left side of the neck. Sonetimes it goes to the left shoulder. But please note that it is of minor intensity, beacuse i have been living with it for the last five years. Neck collar, physiotherapy and pain killers were of no use. I have alreadyv taken appointment from a neurosurgeon but it is in Sep, 10. I went to see an orthopedic spinal surgeon and after my physical examination he cleared me. But by that time, MRI was not done. How bad is my problem ? AN dis 100 % recovery possible ?
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Your spinal cord is being compressed from your C3-4 disc. What are your symptoms? Have you seen a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spinal specialist?
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Hi, Thank you for your question. Your reports suggest that your symptoms may be due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine (C3-4) because of cervical disc bulge. This pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head & shoulders (as electric sensation)- LHERMITTES SIGN, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) and stiffness. It will be best that you consult a neurologist who would like to prescribe Pain killers, steroid and muscle relaxants. Other treatments could be cervical orthosis such as a soft cervical collar or stiffer neck brace to restrict neck movement till you get complete recovery. In addition, cervical traction may also be suggested by the doctor, if condition is severe. Hope this helps.
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